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Event Timers aren't Enforced

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18 December, 2017, 12:06 PM UTC

Trying to send this for a while:

Test said:

Since there's a problem with the CAPTCHA service and this forum that currently prevent me from opening a new subject, here's the one I was trying to open (5 times), titled "Worldwide Event Timers are Bugged, (Potential) Abuse".

So, the OvO just ended, and the event timer has a bug in it's enforcement.

I sent a march so it will arrive after the event ends (by a good margin). I also made sure the attacker was shielded up until the event ended, as was I. He dropped his shield & sent the attack after the event was over.

Here are the report, the chat with the player and my order chat as evidence.

Like it says, this was posted on a different thread due to a posting problem with the forum at the time.

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