How did this happen ? Bug or Hack

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11 August, 2017, 12:52 AM UTC

I was looking for a spot in the other kingdom. Suddenly a white window appeared. When it came back, I was on fire, had no more shield and had changed of location (from 276 492 to 469 600) inside Craustland.

The weirdest is that I had at least 5 days left on my shield before the attack. I had no reimplantation nor recall in stock. So bug or hack ?

Can you please tell me how could this happen. I hope you will be  able to check the logs.


Id : Ceridwen

Kingdom : Craustland.

NB : I know this is a repeat but i just realised i had posted under my viking account id. You can cancel the previous message.

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11 August, 2017, 9:12 AM UTC

Hi mate. You've been teleported from Dark Forest after been attacked so no bug here.

If you're sure that you had a shield u need write to support here:

Btw you can find your id if you press Menu-->About the Game. it's numbers, not a name.

You need to write them. They won't help here cause u will discuss some private info. That's the only way.

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