Brave Lords, to arms! Nomad is about to attack!

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10 August, 2017, 6:14 AM UTC

Great rulers, a mortal battle against the Nomad is coming!

My Lords, your people have listened to the eastern merchants' menacing tales about the massacres and plundering that take place on the route to your Kingdom. Those who survived by lucky chance told them of a warrior with a shield and bow. The ferocity and cruelty of this Assailant have filled even experienced mercenaries with fear. Get ready for a bloody struggle!

Destroy the Nomad when he reaches your Kingdom! By attacking him, diligent and lucky Lords may gain one or more special materials: Reed, Viper Venom, Bull Horn, Beast Sinew or Broadcloth. Use them to craft the unique Assailant's equipment for the Hero in the Workshop.

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