Kingdoms War: Retribution from 07.07.17 (00:01) to 09.07.17 (23:59)

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5 July, 2017, 3:07 PM UTC

Brave Lords, destroy your previous foe in the Kingdoms War: Retribution!

Rulers! During the last Kingdoms War, you all showed outstanding courage and fortitude. In the coming Tournament, you can do battle against your previous enemy once more and seal your triumph! The confrontation starts on July 7 and will last until July 9 inclusive. Only Kingdoms founded 30 days ago or more will be able to participate in the Tournament. The victors will get five-day access to special locations with increased resource stock and yielding speed. The personal points of a Lord who joins an Order after the Kingdoms War: Retribution is announced will not count towards their Order’s points total, so make haste and find allies!

Ready your weapons! It’s time to imbrue your blades with new blood!

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10 July, 2017, 1:48 PM UTC

The Kingdoms War: Retribution is over! Here is the list of victors!

Cups are raised and mead flows like water – the worldwide Tournament has finished! All hail the victors!

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