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🌟Nine new Cardinals. Summon the following Cardinals and promote them up to level 10, their maximum level: Ingerid the Celestial, Magnus the White, Einar the Sage, Ramona the Scarlet, Lorenzo the Enlightened, Alberto the Wrathful, Richard the Inscrutable, Arianna the Mysterious, and Louise the Solemn.

🌟Ten new levels for nine of the existing Cardinals. Promote the following Cardinals up to level 20: Heidar the Shining, Giorno the Lightbringer, Helene of Midnight, Oddgeir the Crescent, Beatrice of the Flame, Eli the Witting, Laurie Argent, Edmondo the Crimson, and Hugo the Darkest.

🌟 Automatic Boost selection. Now, if you want to complete a process sooner, the game will automatically select boosts with optimal duration values. All you'll need to do is hit the "Apply all" button.

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During the update, access to the game will be restricted, but once technical maintenance is complete, you will receive a reward.

Don't forget to update Throne: Kingdom at War to the latest version, as the previous version may not work correctly.

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