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The Isle of Avalon

The Isle of Avalon

Avalon was first mentioned in the Whessian saga entitled "The Mysteries of the Dark Seas." It says that Avalon is an island of unfathomable beauty that lies forgotten in the boundless waters far to the west. Legend has it that Avalon is full of untold riches: golden palaces, silver towers, sanctuaries of emerald, and rooftops crowned with precious gems. However, the voyage to the island is so treacherous that only the most experienced sailors can traverse it and uncover the treasuries of Avalon.

The people of the northern lands mention Avalon in other legends too. Whessian sailors call it the wonderful Isle of Eternity cloaked in verdure, the Blessed Country steeped in riddles, the Great Land that can heal souls, and even the Isle of Apples.

According to mythology, there is a sacred place on Avalon – the Holy Tree. The apples that grow on the Tree have a magical power: the power to grant immortality. The moment a traveler bites into a ripe fruit, their body will become young, their woes and troubles will vanish, and time will stand still. Whessians repeat the incantation: "Those who find the Tree will gain great power forever and ever."

There are also whispers that a famed Whessian Hero found their resting place on the isle. The Hero had been desperately searching for the Holy Tree with their noble knights of the Great Order and was defeated on the battlefield. Legend has it that one day, the Hero, whose sword vanquished thousands of enemies, will wake up again to make known their might…

Centuries passed, Amarian Lords, sailors from the arid Doghr, and Whessian islanders searched for the lost Avalon. Then, not so long ago, the foremost Amarian explorers finally found the legendary gates to the isle. Rumors about the discovery of Avalon spread through all the Kingdoms, and Whessian druids, high priests and priestesses, arrived to establish a spiritual community. They have promised to award their Medals to the inquisitive Amarians who are striving to uncover the paths leading to the Holy Tree. And the Kings have declared, "Whichever Order conquers Avalon shall become the greatest Order in Amaria!"

This is now the site of the Battle for Avalon Tournament. Lords fight the Isle Guards who zealously defend the treasures held in the Towers. The Guards keep watch day and night, preventing explorers from investigating Avalon. It is said that the Holy Tree digs its roots right into the center of the island where the magnificent main Tower proudly stands.

Time alone will reveal the truth. Only the chosen ones will successfully unravel all the mysteries of Avalon and immortalize their names in history.

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