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Excessive Useless Items and Materials - Town Stores

Excessive Useless Items and Materials - Town Stores

Dec 15, 2019, 18:4712/15/19

Excessive Useless Items and Materials - Town Stores

One way to handle the excessive and useless items and materials gained in the game would be to allow players to create a "temporary" Store in their town:

1. Store life would be 24 hours.

2. Store must be designated as Materials, Gems or Runes. Gem and Rune stores could include tongs.

3. Cost to create 100,000 in gold

3. Players can select the items they wish to trade

4. Trading limits can be applied, for example, players can only list a certain percentage of the items they possess that they want to trade. Additionally, purchasing players can ONLY purchase a certain number of items from each store.

5. Towns with Stores available would be shown on the Mini-Map

6. A trading tax could be applied to each trade (eg, silver). A percentage of this tax would be passed along to the Master/Order that controls the ES.

7. Item "trade-up" ratios could be applied (eg, similar to the number of items needed to upgrade materials - 4 simple items can be traded for 1 usual item, if a usual material or item is available). 

8. ONLY players who belong to an Order can trade with players in their own Order.

9. Any item that is available in the Order Store CANNOT be offered, (eg, platinum, hero's crystals etc.)

10. Legendary items CANNOT be traded.

These conditions would create enough limitations so there would not be mass trading, but provide enough opportunity for players to get what they need.

Please comment, add additional suggestions, LIKE this post and comment on item numbers you agree/disagree with, or any changes you feel are needed.

Jan 13, 2020, 05:3901/13/20
Jan 13, 2020, 05:40(edited)

I agree in principal, but a major issue of any "transfer items" feature is the potential for abuse. Preventing abuse can be done, but requires careful planning. It is more difficult than it may appear.

I like the idea of trading armor. I have armor I consider Obsolete, but may benefit newer players.

Trading outside an Order might be possible if these was some "extra fee" imposed.