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No points, no trophy of arms, and injured troops

No points, no trophy of arms, and injured troops

Oct 25, 2019, 18:3810/25/19

No points, no trophy of arms, and injured troops

Here is a suggestion that might help stop some of the excessive use of force (bullying) by bigger players.

When attacked outside of a OvO, KvK, KvKR, and Hunting Enemies.  If attacked, the attacker gets nothing.  No points, trophies, and only dead troops even if they win.  To the peacable troops or towns who were attacked, let them receive points for defense, trophy of arms, and more healable warriors instead of dead.

The benefit of this is for the players who are attacked are more likely to be able to recoop between events so they can get more points during the events.

A possibility to make the game more interesting is an option to "Declare War"

  This would be an option that both individuals and orders can participate in.

  The person/order who want to fight checks the box of the party he wants to attack and fight with.

  The other party can now select the option to agree to a war.

When both parties have the box checked both can receive points for attacking and defending against each other gaining trophy of arms.

  Either party can uncheck the box to initiate a "Truce" - the points stop.

  When this happens the other party will receive a notification that "The enemy has withdrawn from the battlefield"

One thing that may come up is checking the box attacking then unchecking the box.  To fix this I would suggest stopping the war can only take place 24hrs after the last attack from either party.

I would suspect certain agressors would have everyone checked so have an option that says "Always at War" so they do not have to check each one individually.

In the initial stage I would use it only for in Kingdom conflicts.

Perhaps, if you tie it in with the 'Attackers Reshield Delay' post it would create a more interesting dynamic in combat.

Oct 28, 2019, 07:4010/28/19

Hello once more, MANOFFAITH! :)

Thank you for your commitment to the game. 

We are determined to make the game better, so we'll definitely consider your suggestions, and our developers will decide which of them to implement. Feel free to write us if you have any other ideas or suggestions. 

We wish you a good play and glorious victories!

Feb 28, 2020, 18:4902/28/20

Since this post referred to bullies...

I have found a good kingdom without bullies.

There is a lot of teamowork here also.

Come to #4 Ertester

[GOCO] Gathering of Core is the kingdom coordinating order.  Lv4 Citadel.  Talk to Arn.

[LOGOS] To the Great I AM! is my order.  We are seeking like-minded individuals to join.  Lv2 Citadel.