Stop Refreshing the Storeroom Tab of the Gemmery Dialog After Fusing!

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26 August, 2019, 6:34 PM UTC

The current behavior of the Storeroom tab is that after fusing a gem, the window bar scrolls back to the top!  This is quite frustrating, because  I end up losing my position in the Storeroom window. causing me to have to scroll down the gem list to look for my previous position, and sometimes, it's not easily found.

Why can't you make this tab behave like the Materials tab of the Workshop dialog?  When I combine materials in that window, the scroll bar stays fixed, which is the expected behavior.

Please consider standardizing the behavior of the Storeroom tab, so that it behaves like the Materials tab.

Thanks in advance.
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29 January, 2020, 4:35 PM UTC

use the " Fusion " tab / window for fusing gems ..  its much easier that way 

Although for creating GLITTER DUST 

( which has to be done in the storeroom the problem you have highlighted is a major nuisance  )

i hope they saw your post & are making the change you suggested @ some point in the near future 

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