Problems in the game

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26 August, 2019, 4:38 AM UTC

I’ve been playing this game for two years and have listed all the annoying problems:

1. Anytime you attack the game automatically forces you to try sending heroes and then delivers a pop up question asking if you’re sure about not sending the hero!!  This is very annoying since RARELY do us players want our heroes to leave our city vulnerable!  This is a clear sign the developers don’t play the game.

2. The new game features arrive too quickly... it takes a very long time to advance in this game and even playing daily and buying packs I’m too far behind then every 3 months a huge update arrives pushing me even further behind.  I feel sorry for all the players who don’t spend.  

    *For example in game of kings I’ve only spent $20 this year and I can park my city right next to the most powerful enemy player and fall asleep without a shield knowing I’ll be just fine. 

3. You can’t move your city if you have troops on resource tiles!  The developers must be using ancient coding software to prevent players moving for so many scenarios.  I play other games where there’s so much more freedom for attacking, moving and protecting troops.  

4. Lack of response during special social media events.  I’ve participated is several social media events and never received anything... not even a thanks for trying.  I don’t have this problem in other games, so it’s not me.

5. Monsters and Apostates are just boring piñatas... you hit and wait for prizes to fall.  They are literally zero threat yet we kill them with zero risk.  I don’t have any fun killing these vegetables for prizes.

I don’t know how much longer I can tolerate the game until I setup a 10 year shield and just walk away because other games don’t have this problem.

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