Player titles for the player info scene for in game accomplishments.

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24 May, 2019, 2:08 PM UTC

Receive a title for milestones within the game that will be displayed in your character profile screen.

Example.  If a player has killed xxxx amount of troops they receive a title for that.  The title can have ranks as they develop through the game.  Kinda like in game achievements you see in other games.  They can select which Title they want to display in their profile screen, or just make another tab with all the titles, or call it medals or whatever might fit with the mid evil theme of the game.

So your profile screen would look something like this:

Power:           140,000,000,000

Order:            Wckd Hrtd Hooligans

Town:             X 111, Y 111

Kingdom:       Quinterfor

VIP status:    Active


Title:              The Destroyer Rank II   (or what ever title you want to display here)

Each title you earn will come with a chest of goodies similar to how you get a chest for leveling up your castle.  The higher the rank you get the better the chest reward.   Each Title will have a custom chest that relates to that achievement.  So say you like to farm  and earn some kind of producer Title, that chest will have a yielding % buff in it.   If you killed a lot you would get one of the military % buffs as a reward. If you reach a milestone for producing rss in your city you get a rss production % chest.

What this would do is give players goals to reach, giving them something to work towards to in all aspects of the game if they have some down time.  You know u have to earn that Carts sent Title :)

i think you get what im saying, its not a new concept.  Give players something to earn and collect as the develop their cities and advance through the game, give them a small reward for reaching the milestones to keep them motivated to reach the next one.

This will give players something to work on, it could also produce extra revenue if players are buying packs to get the high end rank troop trained title or whatever title that could be applied to something like that.

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