This games got Talent!

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18 April, 2019, 4:29 AM UTC
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I will start by saying this. This game has great potential. It really does. With Palace Level tied to Personal League placement... this has limitless possibilities. Barely any player understands the game the way it was intended and that is on both players and devs. Here is my opinion on these games, and how this one can dwarf all the other ones.

This game and all games like it, are based off the Ethical Theory provided by Emanuel Kant called State of Nature. You are one player on a server with 10,000 others. You can do anything. There are no laws, no rules, no nothing. Start Civilization.

Quick overview of this posting: Carriage system plus better Communication and all King+Emporer chat would be perfect. You would fix this game in 1 update. I got the suggestions, I can do more. Want a badass game? This is it, but it needs fixed in few CRITICAL areas.

I am Palace 22 & VIP24. 

Yes I do spend money, but when I found the free method, the amount I spent started to drop.

League 3 Personal Events and League 4 for Errands. 

I will not go higher until my city is maxed and it will only take about 2 more months, which happily is how long it will take to upgrade my palace (for free) cause that and a few lumber mills is all I have left.

I have played these games for years, this being my 5th or 6th game. All other games have better ingame communication than this game. Only 10 Threads available in World Chat upon Login? really try getting 50 at least, also, have a translator. Ok, now that that is out of the way, if this game fixed its Communication platform, it would be able to set this game up to be great.

I had a great career in EVE, the communications when I played did not have a translator, but you usually knew someone. These "Strategy" games... they all try to be like the awesomeness of EVE, but fail... like, epic failure. This game, Throne, has the ability. But the Dev's don't listen to posts with 1 thumb. Why? 2 people liking something does not change the game, thousands out of the hundreds of thousands, or a similar ratio, change games. But why do I say all this? Why point over to EVE (which btw sucks hardcore now)?

Because this game has the ability to move servers it provides for the greatest mechanic that I haven't seen in any other game like this that I have played. IF the Communication system were to be fixed, and players understood how to actually "win" the game, rather than just play it, this game would be more fun than any of you realize, and the devs would be happy cause the money is flowing in. However, players would not spend as much, and heres why.

You have this Emporer system in place, but what real use is it? WHOPPIE! You get to have some special stuff for a while. Ooo wow. Im a small player, but trust when I sayI will probably never try for it, even if I was the strongest in the game. I actually understand these games in a way no one else does, and most players fail to grasp the real concept. Spoiler: There is a reason they call them "Boosts".

Say you have maybe 10 Newbie Server. These servers, you can leave later on but while you are in them you have players teaching players. You have players teaching others, the real Tactic of the game, and literally the only way to "Win" the game vs other players in the game. You teach players to conserve their Speedups, Gold, and everything else. You literally only need a few megabucks every 3 months. Really. You could have a forum thread, just for Kingdoms to ask for players. Why? Because when you have 10 newbie servers, now all the rest of the servers can do whatever they want. Have a server that is full of combat players, one for PVE, one that is an FFA... but its the players that decide what happens in the server, just like it is now. Each servers King, has a chat that the Emperor is in. The Emperor can talk to devs. Polls able to be created by the Kings (1 per week?) and the Emperor can see what polls are going in each kingdom, and make the immediate request to the Devs, things that are critical to game play, otherwise goto the Forums.

Each Event, you see what rank you can get to, while just playing the game. Free Stamina (I regenerate 327 stamina per hour currently and would love to have regeneration per hour added to the game since you have the gems), free gathering, do everything without spending any extra form of any item. Say you get rank 3. Ok, cool. Well looking at assailants, I can kill one lvl1 ever 2 hours. I do admit the regeneration in the game sucks hard core, and stamina is expensive to buy with gold, as it takes roughly 100k to kill an alpha with full Assailant Kill Gear on and correct profile. So you throw in a few thousand gold, and you get to kill 10 lvl2 assailants in say 8 hours. Thats a good 200k points in most events. Ridiculous? Little bit. But, you do not have to win every single event you see.

Riding the waves on events and saving up boosts and gold, then making a run on the events, is literally the way you play to win. I can stay shielded and that 40bn guy in KVK/OVO can't touch me with his Combat. Wont even catch 200 troops gathering on a tile, unless he is real quick. 


Players need to understand the concept of a "Strategy" game, cause I have never seen a Developer give one, other than buy stuff.

Players need to understand that going past Rank 10 Rewards, only hurts their longevity of game play. Find a comfortable Reward rank to get and place it each time, saving the "excess" boosts and gold for the next event (I am Palace 22 in League 3 for Personal Errand Events and I need 261-262 Usual Errand Refreshers at VIP24 to gain 56k points for rank6 rewards).

Fix the Communication/Social System in the game, and you would have a seriously great game here, where all your kingdoms are full of players that have fun playing together.

KVK would become an awesome Competition. Does a full PVP server win against a full PVE server? Or does a PVPE server win against a PVP? 

Add stuff to the game that lets us actually help players better. The How-To-Section taught a lot, but not knowing battle mechanic info, is rough for most. Also base numbers for Regeneration, Health points on Assailants and Apostates rather than just hit this with this equipment, and you deal more damage. What is my +10% boosting? .5? 2? 99? I could just lay down a number and figure it out myself, but this is a game... Show us stats.

Play more efficiently than your other order/kingdom/game players, you win.

Play outside of events, you lose.

Gain more points than you can constantly gain without shooting for first place, you lose.

Send me a message if you have questions. I am not known for my organizational flow of information, just that I know a lot about the game.

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18 April, 2019, 4:30 AM UTC
Oh, and no... I'm not good at "short".
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