players are quitting this game because of reward gameplay and inquisitor issues

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14 March, 2019, 3:19 PM UTC

It takes 60 candles to increase the level cap of an inquisitor to above level 20.  One can earn 1000 personal and order points per day.

Adrian Architect's candles cost 12,600 personal points per candle. A total of 756,000 personal points to achieve this cap limit increase or Seven hundred and fifty six (756) days.

This is not a reasonable task.

Yes, they sell candles for real cash, but there should be other methods of acquiring candles besides the occasional contest. They are quite rare.

How about rewarding candles for killing apostates or closing out an apostate's crypt resources or randomly in treasure chests. 

Why are Adrian's candles the only candles that are available in the order store?

Why is Apostate equipment impossible to create?  There must be a better way to allow players to acquire equipment crafting materials above usual and unusual level. 

Why are errand rewards determined at inception instead of a random basis?  You can see which material you will receive before completing the errand.

I would suggest that, in the very least, the amount of personal points earned for "helping order" members should be drastically increased.

Remove the daily cap of 1,000 points or at least have a significant bonus for achieving that level. Its not easy.

The amount of order help should be DRASTICALLY increased.  One (1) minute or one (1)% is ridiculous!  When advanced tasks take weeks to complete, 1% is not a reasonable assist when tasks take weeks to complete.

The treasure chest rewards need to be adjusted. It is insulting to receive 30,000 food and 1 increased raid item for 90% of the treasure chests.

VIP rewards need to be adjusted. 90 gold reward at VIP level 11 is insulting and almost useless.

Why is stamina recharged so slowly for the hero and inquisitor? 

Players are bored.  They are leaving and quitting the game because of these and other problems. 

Thank you!!

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16 March, 2019, 3:49 PM UTC

I used to think the way you do about candles. You also have special errands that produce points for the order store for you and the store itself, One legendary errand can give you 10,000 points to spend in your store above and beyond the 1000 daily cap from helping. I suggest you stock some in your store so that if you have no gold you can get special errand refreshes with your store points. Use them during errand events. Use a bit of gold say 4 to 6 k buying them from the item store you will have adriens candles in no time.. The others are a pain but if the events are up use a bit of gold now and again on stam or just send every couple hours for 1 hits on 1s especially in order events for candles.  It is up to you how to plan your gold for building leveling upgrading or candles.

Now as to inquis crying with you!
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25 March, 2019, 6:45 PM UTC
Because this game is for one reason only. For plarium to make money. It is not a free game as advertized.
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30 March, 2019, 4:14 PM UTC

is the same with the construction times!

the Castle from level 20 to 21>>>52 days. that's almost 2 months! Thus, your craftsman will not be available for any other construction work in your kingdom for 2 months.
and at other buildings and higher levels it is even worse.

Plarium's answer to this point: You can boost everything. Impudence!

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18 April, 2019, 4:38 AM UTC

Once at VIP24 (Which I think VIP is always overpriced for the critical Importance of it), you can spend 100k gold for 50 Special Errands and 500k OP for 50 Special Errands.

100 Special Errands give just a little over 500k OP, which the first 500k you buy refreshers with and spend another 100k gold.

100 Special Errands for 100k gold. Save em up over the course of 1-2 weeks, by using free gold from events and there ya go...

Want rank 10 in League 3 of Personal Errands Event? That will be 1,000,000 gold and 5,000,000 OP for the 1,000 special errands.You will get the 5,000,000 back by doing all 1,000 errands and Also all the rewards. 50 errands = average 11k points @VIP24. You also gain up to 14,000 Core Material in different rarities. For 1m gold, you can not beat that. 

You're welcome.

People do not understand the Palace vs Leagues in this game.
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