Super Packs bad?

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9 February, 2019, 11:58 PM UTC

Yeah, I know, we all love super packs. But hear me out.

I have several order mates who are currently taking time away from the game to wait for super packs. And lets face it, many people do that or try to do it, because it makes a ton of sense. You can either spend money fairly regularly and get modest price breaks or wait 2 months and hit the jackpot. if you time it right, you can get about the same amount of goodies in 1 day of super pack purchases(usually around $70) as you would get buying a few packs every other day.

And the way system works apparently, is if you go weeks without buying anything and then buy 1 $4.99 pack, the super pack timer(2 months, I think) resets.

So, either make the super packs come back sooner(cut time in half so maybe once a month?), or let you buy multiple super packs(i mean like 3 of same exact offer) when they pop or do away with them and just make regular offers better? I don't know exactly, but I can't blame anyone who just goes into cruise-control mode waiting for super packs the way it currently works.

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28 February, 2019, 1:40 AM UTC
You can buy multiple super packs... they aren’t identical. They’re complementary... one has rss the next has Silver
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