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The geography of the Throne: Kingdom at War world

The geography of the Throne: Kingdom at War world

Sep 25, 2019, 18:1309/25/19

The geography of the Throne: Kingdom at War world

The lands of Amaria

Amaria is a huge continent that is rich in resources. It is plagued by wars between Lords that have been going on for centuries. Only King Gerhard was able to put a stop to the chaos for a while by creating the united Amarian Kingdom. Peace lasted only until the ruler's death, however, when the dagger of a hired assassin ended his life. 

Ever since, Amaria has been divided into many Kingdoms where Lords fight fiercely for supreme power. Weakened, the lands have become an easy target for Assailants and Apostates. If there weren't brave Heroes and Inquisitors, the continent would have plunged into darkness a long time ago.

Arid Doghr

A large peninsula, connected to the mainland by a low isthmus, lies south of Amaria. A part of its territory belongs to Doghr, a state with a hot, arid climate, which is ruled by the emir and the council of the wise. Their main goal is to accumulate riches for their empire.

In Doghr, the trade of gemstones, metals, spices, exotic fabrics, and equally exotic services is well-developed. The Assassins' Order, for example, is well-known and in high demand around the world. Rumor has it that King Gerhard of Amaria died at the hands of one of this Order's members.

The state doesn't wage wars of conquest, but each Doghrish young man must serve in the army and, when he is sixteen, take a warrior's oath that he must keep till the end of his life. If Doghr is attacked, all its men will rise up in its defense.

The blustery expanses of Whesse

Life in Whesse is not as peaceful as in Doghr. The northern island is plagued by feuds between small states, the rulers of which are royal chieftains, the chosen among the strongest of warriors.

When invaders come to these lands, however, the island inhabitants forget about their differences and unite to confront any aggressors. Thus, several Amarian Lords learned about the deposits of meteoric metal on the island and sent a hundred ships to Whesse, but they were soundly defeated.

The southern archipelago — a citadel of tyranny

The Southern archipelago consists of ten small islands which lie close to one another. Their inhabitants survive by fishing. Their most precious asset is the fertile land for which the local rulers, the barons, are fighting. In their war for power, they torture the people with exorbitant taxes. That's why this once peaceful place has turned into a center of crime, including piracy.

The[]Storm Brotherhood[]impeded the barons' insanity for a while. These valiant warriors defended the ordinary people and even tried to drive the tyrants from power, but their rebellion was crushed. Now, only a miracle can help the inhabitants of the Southern archipelago.

The Dominion. Greatness reborn

The Dominion lay hidden for thousands of years until a group of travelers, who had survived a shipwreck, found the island. While exploring the ruins, they came to realize that a civilization had once flourished there. Obviously, it was extremely advanced: a fact to which the Rampart bears witness – a castle of extraordinary size, from which the Emperor ruled his multitude of subjects.

For scientists, this island became an endless source of knowledge. For the Lords of Amaria, it became a battlefield. They fight furiously for the Rampart and the title of Emperor, both of which guarantee the victor glory and great might.

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How beautiful it is.

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The diversity of territories, from Amaria's rich history to the
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makes the strategy and exploration aspects of the game much more
engaging when you understand the world you're conquering. 


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