Tier VII: a fiery welcome

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17 April, 2019, 12:06 PM UTC

Inquisitors do a lot for their Lords: struggle with Apostates, lead armies, and share their valuable knowledge. But few people know that the defenders of faith established the Phoenix Brotherhood. These warriors burn with the desire to serve you, and they have no equal in the Kingdoms. 

The Spears of Fury fight using polehammers that glow with an alchemical fire. This weapon is lethal not only to enemies, but for the spearmen themselves too: one wrong sweep and the warrior is aflame, so the Spears of Fury spend a lot of time and effort mastering the skill of using their polehammers. 

The Ash Riders faithfully preserve the secrets of horse training. Somehow the riders have helped their steeds overcome their fear of fire. When other coursers panic and throw their masters off, the Ash Riders' horses bravely carry their warriors into the heat of battle. 

The fearless Sun Marksmen carry explosive rounds for their arquebuses. When a salvo of small glowing meteors is heading toward the enemy, each Sun Marksman knows that a beautiful and decisive victory is worth the risk. 

The Flame Warriors are chosen from among the mightiest and most loyal disciples of the Inquisition. If, in the midst of battle, they feel their powers wane, they begin praying. Their faith helps these warriors to fight, even when their armor heats up white-hot due to the fire in their maces. 

Engineers worked together with the Inquisition to create a powerful weapon with a huge powder chamber. The sculptor they invited shaped the Armageddon to look like a herald of unrelenting doom: a bird of prey. This strikes terror into the hearts' of enemies. 

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