Tables for buildings of levels 32–35

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16 April, 2019, 12:27 PM UTC

Lords, new levels for buildings have been added to the game! To upgrade all your buildings (except the Military Camp) from level 32 to 35, you'll need a special item – the Empire Ingot. This can be obtained for passing checkpoints in Tournaments or found as part of Bank offers. You'll also need Silver to perform an upgrade.

In the tables below, all the bonuses for the new levels are listed. 

Note that resource buildings of levels 32–35 also affect military characteristics. 

Tell us: which resource building do you have most of in your Town? 

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16 April, 2019, 8:41 PM UTC
Thank you John - this is most helpful!
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18 April, 2019, 7:14 AM UTC
Thank you very much! These informations are very helpful!
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