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Prepare to meet the Bloody Duke!

Prepare to meet the Bloody Duke!

Oct 27, 2017, 14:5910/27/17

Prepare to meet the Bloody Duke!

Lords, listen to the sound of the battle horn! The powerful Alpha Assailant is challenging you!

The Bloody Duke was once a great warlord who led his army to many victories in defense of the Kingdom's integrity, but it’s all in the past. Now he only wishes for revenge and he holds nothing sacred: the ruthless knight feels alive only through the killing and suffering of others.

Send your Hero to a fierce battle with the Bloody Duke and bring peace to the Kingdom while gaining valuable trophies. These may include materials for crafting the Saracen's, Vandal's, Renegade's and Executioner's equipment, as well as unique jewels.

It’s time for your warlord to set out on their journey and meet the devil himself on the battlefield!