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Update news!

Update news!

Oct 26, 2017, 11:5910/26/17

Update news!

Update: more Gold as a reward for Tournaments, Safe Conduct item and more.


- 10 checkpoints for Tournaments

The number of checkpoints has been increased to 10 in all Tournaments. You will get more Gold for passing them.

- Personal achievements

The Personal achievements tab has been added to the worldwide Tournaments information window. Use this tab to track your progress in the Kingdoms War and Kingdoms War: Retribution. If your side wins, you will receive a personal reward.

- Safe Conduct item

Use the Safe Conduct item to protect your troops from attacks when yielding resources. You can get it for personal achievements if your side wins in the Kingdoms War: Retribution. You can also get it for Order achievements, regardless of the outcome of the Tournament.

- Maximum reserve of Hero’s Stamina

Now the limit of Hero’s Stamina is 500,000 units.

- 20 new pieces of equipment from the Arsenal

Technologies for crafting 20 new pieces of equipment from the Arsenal are now available, including talismans.


- Boosts that improve your troops' characteristics and decrease the stats of enemy warriors have been added. Boosts that reduce the time of construction, conducting Studies, training warriors and yielding resources have also appeared.

- The mechanics of troop selection for a march have been optimized. Now the slider stops automatically if the maximum number of warriors is reached.

- The Storeroom tab in the Gemmery has been improved.

- The healing process in Infirmaries has been improved. Now if you are demolishing one of these buildings, you cannot heal warriors in it.

Use these new capabilities to reach new victories! Are the updates useful for you? Write in the comments!

Oct 26, 2017, 15:5010/26/17
Oct 27, 2017, 04:36(edited)

Well, congratulations on reducing all incentive to win (normal) KvKs to 0.

Gold inflation? GGMs were a joke before (no bonus on finishing them, the gold you yield in a given time is less than it would take you to buy the equivalent rss you can yield on the same time, even using the best rss:gold ratio) and more time boost (along with time boost demand inflation) simply means the one thing you should've been spending your mined gold on (huge boost coffers) is now becoming an insignificant drop in the ocean of time-boosts you'll be using.

Add that to the fact that even with the best possible gear (well, 2nd best since the new arsenal gear; But it's too weak of an improvement going from 1/420% to 1/470% - hardly a 9% reduction - to null the argument) and 27-30 clicks you are still left with 3-8weeks on your building/study.
This leads to a situation in which it really doesn't matter if you do or don't have the 10%bonus on construction and study from the KvK - just boost (&start the new action) after you win the RKvK that follows, or the next KvK, or the next RKvK, or the next-next KvK, or the [...,] 8 weeks in the future.
Not having the bonus after any given event is now a non-issue, you can easily just wait it out till you get a "long straw" and an easy KvK match-up and boost your stuff then.

So there you have it, no meaning to winning (or not) on any certain KvK event whatsoever. You just need to get the checkpoints done.

Oct 26, 2017, 16:0910/26/17
Oct 27, 2017, 04:39(edited)

And since this an entirely new subject - you're doing the same with RKvKs, albeit slower.

The flat% bonuses have the same justifications.

Right now as it is with 8 marches and only lvl 21 production buildings, yielding 8 or at least 7 (yes, my kingdom will kill me for saying that) 7-tiles after every won RKvK (we only lost 1) and my (rss produced in town):(rss yielded) ratio has gone in 3 weeks from being 1:10 to being 2:1.

The more production studies I get done or higher lvl producers in town (same for others), the faster this gap will open. This rss inflation will quickly mean the gained delta of yielded rss with 7tiles compared to 6 tiles will become insignificant, and fast.

These 2 things will eventually lead to sold-wars in a quid-quo-pro system orchestrated on voice-chat rooms people already use now to coordinate kingdom conduct  on events.

Oct 30, 2017, 14:5410/30/17
But new checkpoints with gold is great
Oct 30, 2017, 17:4710/30/17

Jake said:

But new checkpoints with gold is great

That's actually not entirely true. In most cases, the first 3 checkpoints have significantly reduced rewards from what they used to (especially when you now count the fact that all non-time-non-gold rewards are removed).

Add the fact that in most cases the first 3 checkpoints now require more points and/or that scoring ratios were lowered (this RKvK hitting Alpha Assailants awarded half the points they did 2weeks ago) and your statement isn't cut-clear anymore (I'm being mild).

Add to that the fact that some checkpoints (especially in the personal checkpoints category) will cost you several times more (sometimes even in order of magnitude) to span the required points-gap than the rewards will net you; And then you get a more correct statement:

    The new checkpoints are often a bad joke at best, and a retard-lure at worst.

Nov 3, 2017, 17:2011/03/17
Anyway... :( It does not solve Logon problem. I mean that it's not possible to log in to iOS or Android version of this game through Plarium account.
Nov 16, 2017, 19:0911/16/17
OvO now only pays out 75 million of each resource instead of the 100 million it used to for winning? That sucks big time.
Nov 17, 2017, 03:5811/17/17
I think that this way is fairer for smaller players so they can get a better idea of the game itself well done Plarium