Orders War from 13.06.17 (00:01) to 14.06.17 (23:59)

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12 June, 2017, 12:17 PM UTC

Messengers have brought important tidings! from June 13 to 14, mighty Lords will be able to take part in the Orders War!

Lords, this grand Tournament will test the unity of your alliances. Victory will belong only to Orders that attract rulers with the single goal of becoming the strongest in all the royal lands! They will get bonuses and rewards that will elevate them above the other Lords!

There are a few simple requirements to take part in the battle:

- Your Order must have been created before the event was announced and have 5,000,000 Power points

- Your Kingdom must have been founded more than 30 days ago

Fight valiantly and your Order will gain incredible glory and influence!

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