Brave Lords, to arms! Renegade is about to attack!

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25 May, 2017, 6:27 AM UTC

Ambitious Lords, get ready to be attacked by the villainous Renegade!

The spies of the Kingdom bring reports of an Assailant who is going to attack your holdings. According to the gathered intelligence, the Renegade plans to overthrow the current regime in the Kingdom through killing and treachery. Stay one step ahead and prepare well for a battle against the Assailant.

Defeat the shrewd Renegade at the right moment! The more successful attacks you wage against the Assailant, the more chances you have to gain one or more special materials: Sackcloth, Clew, Old Links, Wax or Torn Leather. Then you can use them for crafting special Assailant's equipment for the Hero in the Workshop.

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