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Solid KvKr Grats to Server 84 Stefendaf

Solid KvKr Grats to Server 84 Stefendaf

Jul 29, 2019, 01:1807/29/19

Solid KvKr Grats to Server 84 Stefendaf

Hey there!

Just wanted to send congrats out to all participants of the KvKr involving #107 and 84 this past weekend. Server 107 won day 1, but ultimately fell as 84 stormed back to win day 2 and 3 by close final numbers. The last day was back-and-forth with both sides putting up huge numbers( #84 2.017 T / #107 1.954 T).  MidKnite WKD Bandits, top Order on 107, finished in 7th place in the exclusive Royal Division by scoring 2.278 T points! Great fight and it was a lot of fun.

By the way, MID is currently looking to add a few more solid players to already formidable lineup. So, if you want to join an up-and-coming order that plays the game at a high level, but provides a stress-free environment please send me, Nomi Girl, Greystar or Morten a note.

Whether it's talking game strategy/tactics or just chillin', we know this game is a place to escape reality and have some fun. We know how to take on new people and make them feel at home and we have done several successful Order mergers so if interested in joining forces, let's talk!?!

Gaming with TAURUSIT (one of top players in the game) is really fun and we have a deep core of active/growing players from all around the world!


GM MidKnite WKD Bandits Server 107