The Heavenly Host seek new Members

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6 April, 2019, 1:58 AM UTC

We're a mid-size guild from K61 in the first league and we are continuing to grow in power and ranking. K61 is a great place to grow as we are settled and we're a tough kingdom to beat as shield drops are pretty non-existent these days. We use English as first language, but have Russian and other language members as well.

We have a great range of play styles and lots of knowledge about the game. We're happy to help others and work well together. If you're tired of hanging on in in a kingdom where there aren't that many actives or you're looking to move on up, we're a great choice. Contact JK, Demon or myself (ign is same as here). We have some pretty aggressive players, so if you like to mix it up with some hitting/esh defence and attack, you'll have like minded people here. Farmers are welcome as well as long as long as you keep your shields up, and watch those tiles!

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