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New achievement

New achievement

Jul 30, 2020, 01:3807/30/20

New achievement

Have done the Tibboh achievement task........

I have 700 rings (app) and I can't go into my workshop stock to delete them, as the games freezes completely.

I've been able to delete one ring ( with page not even loaded up ) 3 times only since yesterday, before the games freezes over.

At this rate I should be done by new year's eve 2022.

I cannot play the game like I want to, so I went out of Order until this is resolved.

The issue is NOT my internet, or my browser, or my computer, I can do anything else except go into that STOCK.

Have seen lots of complaints about this, but haven't found how to resolve. Until then I can't play this game.


Oct 27, 2021, 02:3710/27/21

Send a ticket in to support, ask them to delete to within inventory limits.

You're not the first this has happened to, and won't be the last. Support has helped others that experience this.

Game has a meltdown when number of items in inventory gets too high. [An internal buffer gets exceeded.]

Do at most a couple hundred, delete, craft, 'til you get to your magic number.

Don't need to do all at once. I did a couple hundred 3 times (IIRC), then 20, or something. Depending upon how many I needed for that level.

Jun 30, 2022, 11:3106/30/22

Is this achievement only to create rings in gold or silver,  because I have that and don’t get my achievement,  I ask on support they said it’s a secret achievement,  you don’t fulfilled it,  because our system is working...  what a prick...  anyone any ideas,  what is to do for Tibboh X

thx Alex