OvO score unchanged, achievements slow

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29 July, 2020, 7:49 PM UTC

It's now 2:40 pm my time.

Doesn't seem like OvO categories scores have changed since about 8:00am this morning. One would think after doing building upgrades, studies amd training 40 million troops the needle would move. Guess not.

From about 8:00am

4 players needed "x" number of actions for Rotten to the Core. Did them all so they could pass to the next level.

1) One player needed L10. Did 100. Then did x30 more 3 times before it passed the achievement.

2) At L7, needed 80. Did 80. Did another x20, then x30 later, just did x20 again. Still hasn't passed.

These are since about 10:00 am.

3) Another at L7 needed 80. Did 80. Have done x20 two more times and still not passed.

4) And another at L7, needed 80 - did 80. Did x20 more twice and it's still not passed.

This is SO STRANGE because it's happening when we're not even playing a Russian Order. 

Usually Russian Orders are never seen farming and end up with +100 billion Hunting Assailants and rss yielding category and only a couple alpha camps and tons of assailants and apostates by their towns more or less untouched.

Has anyone said how fun this game is lately?

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29 July, 2020, 11:24 PM UTC

Have been doing x+4 with 0 problems. Don't forget the issue of both being online at the time.

There have been issues with being in one kingdom while block/un someone in the other. Particulars have yet to be sleuthed out - but it does seem you're ok if both players originate from your home k. Specifics unconfirmed.

Your comments regarding 'Russians' have no bearing or relevance to your question - merely demeaning yourself. Best to leave such and such tone out of your posts.

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30 July, 2020, 2:57 AM UTC

4 towns

1 main & 3 alts

2 in one Kd

2 in other Kd

I know when I'm online in them.  (  /sarcasm  ) lol


Had a separate  issue during a championship. Sent to reinforce w/1st march, tried sending 2nd march and screen froze for 30 seconds.

That was lovely. Lost that battle by  a hair.  Golly, I can only ~~~ dream ~~~ what the outcome could have been with another march in there.

I'm getting so sick of beating my head into a wall for nothing. I command a championship, get everyone working like a fine tuned machine and when it's all said and done I also have to have twelve other hands to ss and//or take videos of failed Plarium garbage and even if info is supplied to a tee nothing is ever done about it.

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30 July, 2020, 1:09 PM UTC

another thing dont work thru last ovo - the weekly achiement dont come - cant farming with the freies geleit item - dont know the correcht english word for it - but realise it when i send large troop of scorpions to farm and dont have the item i earned some minutes before. if the enemy order was faster we lost whole ovo....

never had problems with that.....would be very angry if we lost this

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1 August, 2020, 3:37 AM UTC

Wednesday needed to be exiled 5 more times for L7 Cannonball Baron... Already had 15 done so early Wednesday morning got the 5 done.

Hours later - nothing. Did 10 more that evening... Nothing.

Thursday morning did 10 more.


A few hours later did 20 more.


Early this morning, Friday at 7.30 am did 20 more. Hours later nothing. At noon did 20 more. Hours later nothing.

In and out of the game all day long. Most recently at 7 pm. (These are my times by the way.) Still nothing. Logged in at 8.30 pm same thing.

It's now 10.20 pm and upon logging on finally received the Cannonball Baron achievement for Level 7. Did a total of 100 exiles for this achievement after being informed level 7 takes 20 exiles.

40 of these I traded with a Kingdom ally. The other 60 with one of my alts in another Order. Note, these are all in the same Kingdom.

Has anyone sued Plarium lately for bad goods?

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