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Scouting basics

Scouting basics

Apr 25, 2017, 03:0904/25/17

Scouting basics



why we need scouts.

   1. Hitters need time for attacks, cause we need to watch our target and find the right moment to attack and maximise the losses of our enemy and also the points we get for the hit.

    2. if we cant hit, cause our target shields or saves knows we be watching and our chance of getting points is over.

    3. That means if only hitters use the ways of scouting we loose active enemys cause we cant look every thing at same time.

    4. Meaning we need ppl that cover up 2 Ways of scouting so that our hitters can use the 3rd one and have eenough time to prepare their attacks.

This means we need to distribute theese Tasks. To give oour hitters the Time they need to hit succesfully and dont overlook active targets.

  *****Ways of Scouting*****

Mainly there are 3 Ways of Scouting, some more effective some less.

    1. Scouting over Battlereports - this is the thing hitters use

    2. Scouting via enemy Memberlists of clans

    3. Scrolling over map

 *****1. Scouting over Battlereports*****

This is the method the most hitters work with. So our Scouts ccan concentrate on the next 2 Ways.

Here we look into the Clan battles and watch if a member got attecked. Theese are the Main targets cause we know that they are active.

 *****2. Scouting via Memberlist*****

Therefor our scouts build up teams of 3 or 4 ppl and go to Clanlists(Picture1)

u see the clans from the rivals.

Now its important that the Scout teams talk with each other every Team takes a Clan and looks after the members.

So that 2 Teams look after the same clan

U can distribute the Targets after influance or ranks.

(Picture 2)


1. looks after 0-10m Points or rank1

2. looks after 10-20m Points or rank2

3. looks after 20-30m Points or rank3

4. looks after 30m<>

Theese Methods u can change like u want in ur Team.

Above is only an example.

if u choose a member there is a way u should Look at

(Picture 3)

1. Look - Last Login, all under 45 min should be thought as active 

2. Look - Max influence, that way u can see if the target was hit already if u compare with the actual influence

3. Look - actual influence, compare with max influence to get info if already been hit,

its like i say a 20m player has between 3 and 6m troops so is there a difference this high it dont makes sense to attack this one has this target only lost 1m u can post him as targets (only example)

4. Look - Coordinates of the Target

if the player Fits as Target pls post it this way in clad chat (i take the active member as example)

254:515, 30m (round it to full), 8min

for hitters u then wrote down all important infos.

Picture 4 shows an inactive enemy. Thats why first look so u can look right after next one, cause most players are not longer on then 45 min ;D.

 *****3. Scrolling over Map*****

This is a Lucky shot. Scroll over Map and follow tracks or look after tiles if there are enemys, but mostly tiles are not effective cause there are most small amounts of low lvl troops and hitters waste an Expensive port. 

So i dont recommend this method.

May 2, 2017, 09:1605/02/17

Good job. Nice info. Btw u can add a pic (icon of picture in the panel, u can add url of a pic)

May 3, 2017, 14:4405/03/17

Not bad guide, but it can be better if you just add pictures

May 4, 2017, 09:3505/04/17
Not bad guide, but it can be better if you just add pictures

LOL. This pic killed me, mate 

May 5, 2017, 08:3005/05/17

LOL! More pictures!

May 10, 2017, 12:0105/10/17
Master said:

LOL! More pictures!

We also can make a "pictures war" in tavern  It can be funny.