From FB: All you need to know and keep in mind about tournaments!

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7 March, 2019, 4:23 AM UTC

From Facebook: "All you need to know and keep in mind about tournaments"

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Throne: Kingdom at War
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🌟Tournaments are special events where players can get rewards for participating.

The Tournaments can be:
🚶‍♂️ Personal – the player participates in it individually.
👪 Special – players participate in it as Order members.
🌎 Worldwide – Kingdoms or Orders from different Kingdoms fight one on one.
🔥 Era-defining – players from all Kingdoms take part in these. The action takes place in a special location, the Dominion.

In each Tournament, opponents are put into a specific League. 🤝There are six Leagues in the game. In personal Tournaments, the League a player belongs to depends on the level of the Lord's Palace; in special and worldwide Tournaments, it depends on the number of the Order's Power points.

✋Players can switch League only after a Tournament has ended. The League remains unchanged if players increase their Palace's level or the number of Power points of their Order is increased/reduced during the Tournament. Participants are divided into Leagues when the Tournament is announced, and they remain in their Leagues until the end thereof.

Details regarding Tournament task completion:
✅ At the beginning of each Tournament, the timer is activated. It shows the time left until the end of the Tournament.
✅ By completing tasks, players earn points and pass checkpoints. Each checkpoint requires a certain number of points.
✅ When a checkpoint is passed, the players receive a reward (this always includes Gold) that is specified in the Info tab and the report in Mail (the System tab).
✅ Before the Tournament ends, players can complete tasks an unlimited number of times. The more points the players earn, the more chance they have of taking one of the top rankings in a League (information about this can be found in the Ranking tab of the Tournament window).
✅ The rewards for checkpoints, the number of points needed to pass checkpoints, and the amount of Gold awarded to the top-ranked players are changed when players switch to another League.

‼️More specific details about Tournaments:‼️
- During the Orders War, the Master receives resources along with the other rewards. To do so, the Master needs to earn at least one point1️⃣ in the Tournament.
- If a player joins an Order 👁after the Tournament has been announced👁, they won't be able to earn points for this Order and get rewards.
- If a player leaves an Order before the Tournament has ended, their points for personal achievements will vanish❗️
- If a player 🏗permanently relocates🏠 to another Kingdom after the current Kingdoms War or Kingdoms War: Retribution has been announced, they won't be able to take part in these Tournaments. Their points for personal achievements will vanish, and other players won't get points for attacking their Town. Their Towns will be highlighted in yellow till the end of the Tournament.
- During worldwide and era-defining Tournaments, players who stayed in their home Kingdoms cannot send reinforcements or carts to their allies in the enemy Kingdom❌
- There are personal achievements in the worldwide Kingdoms War and Kingdoms War: Retribution Tournaments🏆
- Players who don't belong to an Order can earn points for their Kingdoms during a worldwide Tournament but they won't get any rewards (besides those that are provided for victory for the whole Kingdom)👦
- During worldwide Tournaments, players can attack the Eternal Stronghold in the enemy Kingdom, but they 🤜cannot capture it🤛
- Players can get a reward for personal achievements in the Kingdoms War: Retribution only if their home Kingdom wins🥇

With this knowledge, you are ready to take part in Tournaments.💪 What is your favorite Tournament? Tell us.⬇️
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