Best Practices: Alchemical Lab Troop Upgrading

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19 January, 2019, 11:46 PM UTC

The Alchemical Laboratory Troop Upgrading explanatory text is rather mystifying.

(1) Troop upgrading becomes yet another player character evolution path, beside Buildings and Studies?

(2) What are the upgrading best practices?

Raising the 1st troop type the first level raises the cost of all other troop types, or so the text says.

Does it make sense to raise all troop types L1 one level, then keep repeating until all troop types L1's are at level 10, and again repeating until all troop types L2's are at level 10, rinse, repeat?

Or raise one troop's type L1 to 10, then skip to that troop type L6 (at which point you must raise L2-L5 to the first level) and repeat?

[To raise L6 to the 2nd level, do you have to raise L2-L5 to the 2nd level first?]

How do the costs work? I would not want to raise my prime troop type's L1 to 3, to find the cost of all other troop types level one cost has tripled!

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28 January, 2019, 11:03 PM UTC

Note that to raise T6, Alchemical Laboratory >= 26 is needed.

To raise Alchemical Laboratory to 25, Palace 27 is needed.
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3 February, 2019, 12:54 AM UTC

Before first update:

Lower tier prerequisite for raising higher tiers:

First Update:

[Green 'Help' button was replaced by red 'Boost' button, below.]

- Note that there is no 'Free boost of the action in progress.' [VIP level has no impact here.]

Upon starting upgrade, Siege expense changed to 1h0m.

- as opposed to the 15m shown above. [I assume.]

After first update completed:

Note different Cost of upgrade, below.

With upgrade, Templar upgrade requirements met. It can now be upgraded - Militissa does not need to be upgraded to 2 (or 10), first.

It is not yet clear to me which is the cheapest way to upgrade all. e.g. Upgrade all level 1 troops first, then upgrade to level 2, rinse, repeat, or update a particular troop type level 1 to 10, then move to the higher tier of same troop type, or max. out the highest tier of a troop type then repeat on the next one, or ???

Thoughts welcome.

With Templar update concluded, as above, cost of Ram upgrade did not increase from the above. Nor did the Militissa upgrade (from the above).

So, it seems that the cost increase wordings relate to an increase in the upgrade costs of only the upgrade stream of another troop type.

Not an increase in the cost of any and every other upgrade, of whatever troop stream of troop type. e.g. Militissa or Templar.

[Starting Knights only increases Siege, and starting Templar increases neither Militissa nor Siege.]

Thus the given wording. So, as it says, pick your primary troop type first, then your secondary, and so on.

Which also seems to answer the question of what order to upgrade things in, for the least cost.


is really just a reflection that this would be the nth of the 6 troop types / streams being upgraded.

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