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4 October, 2018, 8:45 AM UTC

Safe points Guide

1. Purchase an assailants downfall pack for the stamina if needed

2. use buff "Hero Experience"

3. use buff "Hero Offense"

4. use buff "Resource yielding speed"

5. use buff "summon Double"

6. use a "townscape" buff to anything that may help if you have one

7. use buff "training speed-up"

8. use buff "building speed-up"

9. change hero spec to boost yielding/assailant, wearing suitable Armour if you have it

Teleport to enemy kingdom to a spot where you can kill assailants, check Watchman to ensure you are out of range of enemy orders watchman.

Start sending out T1 troops only,no more than 2k at a time,to farm, do not send heroes with them, leave 2 march's spare, i usually harvest food as i'm allways short and we need it for troop production

start hitting assailant with both heroes, 1 attack at a time

Boost troop production when you have enough Resources for a new batch

When your heroes run out of stamina, boost if possible, otherwise send them out farming as well

Remember! allways keep an eye on your farmers, as soon as 1 is attacked pull them all back in

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