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20 September, 2018, 2:32 PM UTC

On the english Viking’s forum I found decent guide on attacks on tiles. I decided to adapt it for our game by changing the terms.

This guide will be useful for those who started playing recently and only learn the unspoken basics of the game.

Why do we need to knock out the enemy from the tiles?

We have personal questions with this player,

we want to score points in the tournament,

get into the top rating of the attack or any other reasons.

For this we need: a game, some brains, a quite lvlup city and troops (on this point we'll talk in more detail, or how to prepare for war).


Ofc, each rss tile contains its own resources and materials, but we are not interested in this. Tiles are divided into levels, like the Assailants. Why is it important to know? Each tile holds a certain amount of resources and, as a rule, players don’t send more troops than is required to fully develop a location, often go small troop smth like 10-20k but many times. Well appreciating the capabilities of our troops we can determine in advance the interesting goals for us.


Tiles are farmed by a wide variety of players who fulfill tournament’s tasks or simply farming rss for themself. Mainly tiles are farmed with t1 siege or spearmen, sometimes cavalry.

If focus on this, for the attack we will be approached by the troops having bonuses:

- Knights, Cavalry (50% / 25% bonus against siege)

- Siege, Ranged (50% / 25% bonus against spearmen)

- Spearmen, Knights (50% / 25% bonus against cavalry)

For example I’ve chosen Ranged.

Especially they have a good standard equip. Of course, if you have already trained and use a different type of troops, there is no special reason to change it.

We can use different tires, but the higher is better, don’t forget about the t1-t3 pillow.


Before attacking the tile, we need to send scout to know what type of troops are on the tile now and more importantly what bonuses they have. Tiles give us an excellent opportunity to know the composition of the enemy's troops and not gets caught.

The only point on which you can tip your hands - if you fly closer to the tile, remove the shield by sending scouts and put it back on. The enemy will not see the scout march, but will understand it by the shot-quickly put shield. Here you either need to send scouts from a far, or use a twink / ordermate. With inattentive enemy you can do it in the usual way, or if you stood near that for a long time and he just don’t keep attention on you.

The version with the spy twink is quite interesting. For this trick you need a twink with 1-5 level city. So you fly to your kingdom, create 1 scout - profit. You don’t need to put a shield on, don’t need to product any rss, don’t need to train troops. By this one scout, we can easily check all the tiles in the kingdom.

So what we need to pay attention to during espionage? Firstly, this is the type and tire of troops. Secondly, we need to open details of espionage report and see the bonuses of the enemy, as far as it is lvlup it. This all information you’re compare with your own and then u can estimate how difficult it will be to hit the enemy from the tile and how many troops you will need.

In this case I need to say that you can obtain info about the enemy without scouts. Just open the information about the player sitting on the tile. Check his equip, this will give us a lot of additional information about his game experience and bonuses. If the equip is hidden - most likely he just has put on attack gear and waits for catch you into his trap. We see the correlation of his victories / defeats, trained troops and the ress. So we can identify an attacker / farmer or a player who likes to create traps.

We can also check enemy city by “Send Infiltrator” button, if the player's shield time is 8 hours or less, that means that the player at least sometimes attacking at and therefore doesn’t wear long shields, this one shouldn’t be so easy.

Let the battle begins (c)

Lets go directly tile wars. The main thing is assess your power and if u’re not 100% sure in your victory, use the available boosts to the maximum, do not forget to speed up march and immediately put the shield on your city, otherwise our epic knockout of the enemy from the tile will turn into our sadly burning city. Such traps are not uncommon, at least in our kingdom :(.

If we are far from the tile or march will go longer than 30 seconds (which is already quite a lot), it is necessary to use all the boosts, fly to the next cell with the tile and immediately send the march. (do not forget to immediately put on a shield !!!).

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