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I'm done with this game

I'm done with this game

Jun 1, 2021, 15:1006/01/21

I'm done with this game

I like the game but everytime I pop out for a few mintues I come back and have to restart the game.

This is totally annoying and absoutely unacceptable to me.....I wonder how many other players you've lost because of this.

Totally finished playing this game....I'll go find something else that doesn't make me restart it 20 times a day.

This does not fit in with my definition of "User Friendly"

Jun 2, 2021, 02:0506/02/21

I have noticed same / gotten worse in past couple of months. Win 10, Chrome.

It does not happen using Plarium Play.

I noticed it also does not happen in Linux - running Chrome there too, no timeouts. Curious.

It feels like this is actually a Windows thing (thus Plarium Play works), and in particular Chrome has become overly agressive at backgrounding tabs / 'designating' them as background - all but cutting off its network access, and so the game times out. Not sure this is Plarium's fault, but probably why they have pushed harder on PlariumPlay. [Don't understand why it doesn't also happen / timeout on Linux as well, though.] I understand Firefox has also become similarly agressive. (Chromium, Opera, Edge, others will be the same - they are all Chromium based.)