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citadel boosts

citadel boosts

Jan 20, 2021, 23:0401/20/21

citadel boosts

how do i apply citadel boosts?? When i pull up the menu  it sayd cant do it from the menu

Jan 21, 2021, 04:3301/21/21
Jan 21, 2021, 04:37(edited)

Go to that area in the Citadel, you will see a boost button. Click it.

- you do not need to be a Counsellor to do this.

Or, go to the 'Order Citadel' tab in your chat area - click one of the boosts you see there.

WARNING: DO NOT BOOST TRANSFORMATIONS without talking to your order mates first. Transformation conclusion brings points during OvO only - given how expensive such are, they are usually planned for. Your mates will likely have done some planning surrounding this - they will appreciate your boosts within their planning, and beat you to death outside of their planning . 😀 [Do it more than once and you will likely be ejected from the order. 😠 ]

- same is true for construction and studies, for that matter. You want them to conclude during OvO.

Technology brings no points, you can boost them any time, but your order may prefer the boosts to be used up for one of the above, during OvO, for points.

[Many orders have all technology built. If you need something, ask to join for a short time. They would likely be happy to have you - asking for a donation to their Citadel (Silver), before you depart.]