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Dirty Little Secret - Pay or Quit

Dirty Little Secret - Pay or Quit

Jan 17, 2020, 02:2601/17/20

Dirty Little Secret - Pay or Quit

Perhaps someone can tell me how to minimize or eliminate the cost of playing Throne or any Plarium game. From what I have observed, the cost of this "free-to-play" game increases bit-by-bit from $10 per month to $100+ per month to $100s per month. You pay or get frustrated and quit.

Let's take Throne as an example. There are several one time purchases for things like Supremacy Armor, which are great for new players, but become less important as you advance and build/study times become weeks then months.

The key to Plarium's profitability is recurring monthly purchases, like the Trading Guild then later:

  1. Platinum, essential for building levels 27 to 31
  2. Empire Ingots, essential for building levels 32 to 35
  3. Grants, essential for advanced studies
  4. Pearls, essential for Tier VI warrior studies
  5. Sulfurum, essential for Tier VII warrior studies
  6. Hero's Crystals, essential to increase Hero's level from 61 to 70
  7. Royal Edicts, essential for building Military Camp, necessary for large Raids.

You may get thousands of each of the above from completing Errands and Event rewards. However, Millions then BILLIONS are required as your level increases. The increase happens gradually, 10%-30% with each additional level. So does the amount of REAL MONEY you must pay monthly.

For example, from the beginning Killing Assailants (and to a lesser extent Apostates) is a critical feature, necessary to level-up your hero, getting essential bonuses. Having enough Stamina (and Faith) is necessary to do this. The cheapest way to get that Stamina is to join the Trading Guild for $10 per month. The real money begins above level-26.

Beginning level-27, through level-31, Platnium is required for building, and then Empire ingots. For advanced studies required to obtain the most powerful warriors, Grants, Pearls, and Sulfurum are required, which all costs real money. The cost increases 10%-30% with each additional level. There is simple psychology to gradually increasing the cost, keeping players interested until they are "hooked".

A similar pattern follows for Hero's Crystals, Royal Edicts, and any other items that I may have failed to mention. It all adds up. This is also why Plarnium allows one person to have multiple accounts, prohibited by many other online games. More profit for Plarnium.

Most Level-35 (max level today, but this may increase) are paying $100s per month every month to stay competitive.

The only real alternative is to quit, unless you cheat by hacking the game to get the above items, which will get you banned.

Now you know Plarium's "Dirty Little Secret". Psst: It's all perfectly legal too.


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Feb 2, 2020, 12:3802/02/20

That's no secret.. thats all obvious....

The Dirty bit is how much you get charged... or more accurately.. How much are you prepared to pay!!

The rate / offers change, depending on WHAT you purchased previously, HOW much you paid for it, and how LONG ago it was.

ie.. don't buy anything for a while and the offers will  get better.

The other cunning part is the mixtures in the packages. I ended up making a spreadsheet to calculate the real value of Boosts and Stamina.

There is a "base" price, eg, for my currency, and taking out the other "fluff" in the package, boosts are about 60c per thousand.

If u are silly and buy the wrong package, u can get ripped for over $1/1000.

Wait and I got boosts for 31c .... but only once. Go back and the offer is no longer there!!

Feb 2, 2020, 22:1502/02/20
Feb 2, 2020, 22:16(edited)

> depending on WHAT you purchased previously

I have not observed this. What have you observed?

(Bear in mind, different packs / combos occur on different days of the week. e.g. Platinum on Mondays. Battle packs before inter-k battle events.)

Also ... be careful, but there is a point of sufficiently good. e.g. Packs of 80M gold, and 60M gold. Consider it an average of 70M gold across the two of them. 80M is best, 60M is sufficiently good, and 70M x 2 is as good as it's going to get.

Similarly, packs with RSS (and boosts, IIRC?) - some standalone, some with crystals, some with ingots. Now some with shards. You may wish to buy more than one - averaging things out to evaluate value as you see it. Depends where you are in your game.

e.g. Since I now have all my gear, and have finished building, I no longer need stamina or Platinum packs.
['course, now they've introduced shard packs, and speed / capacity route map subscription!]

Feb 2, 2020, 23:5102/02/20

Perhaps more accurately than WHAT purchased, more like WHAT you paid.

If you don't buy anything... it's say $5... but if you buy something for $10, the next offers will be $15/$25/$50.

Clearly the thinking is.. well, if you can pay X about X + some.

Thing is, if you don't pay the X + some, they figure you can't afford that (already mortaged your house!), and will eventually drop the price.

It's just a pain sitting waiting for the good value deals :-(
Feb 3, 2020, 00:3602/03/20

Nah, you're reading it wrong.

Scour the forums, lots of good info on this around.

As offer prices go up, you get more than x times the price contents - assuming you've waited 9 weeks to get to max. offers.

Day after purchase, offer cycle resets - so buy as many straight US$19.99 packs as you can in one day, then wait another 9 weeks. Straight being not full of many different items. Pick rss, gold, silver, stamina, platinum, crystals, shards, etc.

And (apparently) as palace levels go up offers continually get better from a contents per US$4.99 basis.

If you're willing to buy the next day, for half the contents at twice the price, they'll be happy to take your money.

Don't reward them - don't be willing.

Feb 3, 2020, 14:0202/03/20
Feb 7, 2020, 07:32(edited)

I followed your link, and then onto another link  where user Pyroace spells it out and it is confirmed by others, that once you spend more, the price on subsequent packages goes up.

That is my experience, and I will NOT pay $129 for the package. 

Which brings us to how much stuff is in the packages, and as per other threads, there are certainly "Red Herrings" etc.

I made a calculator, It doesn't take into account the "fluff" in the package, and I'm currently working on the base price of the Gold so that can be a part of the calculation, but it does make you see where the real value is....

You said "As offer prices go up, you get more than x times the price contents " .... I don't know anything about the 9 weeks, so I'll keep an eye on that, but 2 two things.. Firstly whenever I have purchased a "fairly" good deal, I can only get it ONCE. I would like to stock up and get a few, but after the transaction... it's gone.

And secondly, you said " X times the price contents "... if I am reading you correctly, this is one of my gripes. Look at this offer of Boosts for 5,542 Days for $13. Then the next offer is $130 .. ie 10 times, so you would expect to get 55,000 Days. But NO!! It's only 20,668. (I know it's not taking into account the gold, I'm working on that). Maybe your 9 weeks fits in somewhere??

Feb 3, 2020, 21:1702/03/20

Ignore such offers. They are there for suckers or others unmindful of things. Think of going into a store, some things on sale, some things competitive, others not, other things for the stupid with too much money on their hands. Or rather ... present to make the other items on 'sale' look good.

@Test (IIRC) has a message on this somewhere. Including, ignore the gold only packs in the last tab. They are there only to make you think you're getting value / to put a # on gold to cost out what the items present would cost you in the item store, and calculate 'Profit' % against.

For comparison, ignore the 'non-sale' price, the profit, and the gold (unless a gold only pack). Just compare the contents against each other. Then decide to buy or not. Sure, let the gold influence your thoughts on whether the pack is sufficiently sweet to be worth your cash, but it's the contents that really matter to you for that pack, vs another pack.

Yep once. They do that so you'll buy more (e.g. candles) at twice the price for half the contents the next day. e.g. Candles, where you need ~1,500 to max out the inquisitor. Definitely irritating.

" X times the price contents " i.e. $9.99 pack has more than 2 x the contents of the $4.99 pack. $19.99 more than 4 x the contents. If you don't see that, you're being suckered. Ignore them.

The point to watch for for max pack contents is the -day- ('ish?) you see Inquisitor candle packs jump from ~15 candles for $4.99, to > 150 candles for $4.99. Buy everything you can that day. [Initially, Monday's - you will endlessly need Platinum for a very long time. Until Palace > 31.] Contents will drop to lowest the next day - and not return to same levels for 9 weeks. Seems the prices offered then will be the same as the last pack you purchased. Given the > 4x ratio of $19.99, and you're going to endlessly need rss, silver, gold, etc., there is some merit to buying them. [Last couple levels of studies and buildings are often in the B's of rss needed.] For a lower, more even, experience, just buy a bunch of $4.99 packs at the same time. Regardless, consider buying at least one pack at $4.99 or $19.99 so the offer levels will still be high for you, in 9 weeks time.

- if you don't buy, the offers will continually get worse to a low point, and stay there. Until you buy, go through 9 weeks, buy higher, rinse, repeat.

When thinking about rss, silver, boosts, etc., consider a crystal pack, a shard pack, a straight rss pack, and so on. If you need rss and can afford it, add them all up and average them out to judge whether to buy more than one such rss pack or not.

Ignore packs with many items, such as those with stamina - too little stamina / too expensive for it, vis a vis (primarily) stamina (& boosts) packs. Same holds true for rss, silver, gold, faith, etc. These may hold several items, but they mostly / substantially consist of {x}.

Yes, the game is set up to goad you into spending money. Doesn't mean you have to. (But you will want to.)

One conundrum is whether to buy faith, crystals, shards, and so on.

If Inquisitor studies aren't done, you don't need faith. If you're not Hero 60, you don't need crystals. If you haven't done most all of your battle studies, you don't need shards.

However, when you do get that far, you will need an endless amount of each - certainly you will be able to use them up far faster than max packs make available to you - so you may want to buy one of them at each opportunity, to have enough supply on hand when you get that far.

Certainly you will want all the stamina you can get for a very long time. Equipment, jewels, and towscapes will require many Alpha kills before you're done. Say, 2+ years.

Same for faith, given the low drop rate per kill, but it can be some time before you finish Inquisitor studies to be able to make use of the faith, and benefit is 'marginal'. [Until you're a nearly maxed out player, everybody can schmuck you. When you are, you will be able to schmuck them. When you are, the difference in runes will determine whether the other nearly maxed out player schmucks you, or vice versa.]

Vis a vis something like 1,400 crystals. i.e. There will come a point where you can stop buying them.

You will want ~1,500 of Adrian, Sixtus, Vigo, {Battle Inq.}, Ann candles - at ~150 per $4.99, they will take some time to acquire.

Be careful of pack sales. e.g. 2 or 4 x 500 candles. Buying resets your pack cycle time to zero. You're always going to need rss, etc. If the sale coincides with the max pack point of such, go nuts. If it doesn't coincide, bear in mind buying will reset your cycle. If you are near your buy point, wait for that - there will be endless opportunity to buy the sale item going forwards, and whether you have the sale item now or then largely won't matter.

However - do eye your cycle point. Christmas brought my max cycle point 2 weeks early, making the packs very worthwhile. Other 'sales' not - e.g. When shards were introduced to the game, shard ('only') packs were on sale, but not the bevy of packs available at Xmas, and would have reset my pack cycle time. Pass.

Mar 7, 2020, 16:2503/07/20
You get less, the more often you spend and get more the bigger your palace is. My palace is 35 so trying to see others mega packs they post is far less than my regular special offers
Mar 7, 2020, 23:4703/07/20

You might check out Plarium's Throne Discord server at

This topic comes up not infrequently, including such players posting their richer : palace packs, so you can judge better.

And, being a form of chat, is rather more timely and regular than this forum. (Forums tend to be longer discussion forms / documentation, so this all makes sense. Need both. [A wiki would be good, too, even.])

Jul 16, 2022, 06:0707/16/22
Jul 22, 2022, 13:47(edited)

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