Reminder: Your (Plarium) chat msgs can't be answered if haven't enabled receiving msgs!

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1 September, 2019, 8:18 PM UTC

Just a reminder:

If you send someone a (Plarium) chat message, you cannot hear their response to your question if you:

(a) Haven't changed your 'Messages' setting in your Plarium profile at / Profile / Privacy Settings / Messages to 'Anyone', or

(b) Accepted the friend request they would have sent in order to be able to answer your question.

Hint: Just set it to 'Anyone' and be done with it.

You can still always individually block anyone you find particularly annoying.


(a) Don't expect a response to the question you just sent.

(b) Don't send the question in the first place.

(c) Don't be surprised if your messages start being blocked.

(Then try to figure out how to ask that you be unblocked.)


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