Anne Castlebane Issues

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6 July, 2019, 12:00 AM UTC

Many of us, have noticed what seems to be a glitch in the way Anne is intended to perform.

Attacking or defending the ES with her appointed results in worse troop performance than using any of the other war Inquisitors.

Raids, however, seem to be working as intended with her. It appears the issue is strictly contained to attacking or defending the Eternal Stronghold.

Is anyone else seeing something similar when using Anne?
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6 July, 2019, 9:44 AM UTC

AFAIK, Anne enhances everything else within its wall / 'Brigade', but does not herself bring much to the party.

Is that understanding correct / match what you are experiencing?
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5 August, 2019, 12:51 PM UTC
I have run multiple tests with ann, and really the only benefit seems to be in raids. es gear with ann does less than what hero and a troop specific inquisitor does. Im still testing different gear, different gems and runes to see if ann is even worth having for Eternal stronghold defense. My guess is the more in raid/ES the more apparent her bonuses could be, thus far tho im not seeing it on es at all, same with the ES gear, troop specific does far better when attacking/defending... IF the es gear actually impacts things, its not very noteable, and feel i made the hero and inquisitor es gear with no real need for it as i see no benefit. that being said if that gear impacts ALL troops on es, i have yet to notice it and the ONLY way its worth having it is if EVERYONE attacking/defending the es has the gear and it applys to all troops.... Then i could see a huge benefit of using the gear, and ann as well.... but at this time I havent seen anything during solo testing that really screams that either are useful when compared to other inquisitors.
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