Plarium - Stop with the crappy gold offers

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9 June, 2019, 2:40 PM UTC


Please take note that nobody uses the gold offers at the bottom of the page.

Why in hell would I spend $99.99 for 30,000 gold when even a $9.99 offer consists of items and upto 1 million?????

Wake up please, all it does is confuse people and a wrong click could cause people to be very pissed off and stop playing the game.

Thanks in advance

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10 June, 2019, 12:30 PM UTC

See Test's (Assailant?) Guide which explains them.

In essence, Plarium uses these bogus offers to calculate and justify the costs and Profit %'s.

i.e. Sum up all the contents of an offer, figure out what it would cost to purchase them via gold, divide by what it would cost to acquire that much gold, and you have the 'profit %'.

Yep, 'funny money'.

They do allow one to get a sense of the relative value of two difference offers, based on their profit %'s.

Which is still 'funny money' as it depends upon how you value things. If you're not a fighter, a Black Castle offer has no value to you. If your Adrian is maxed out, same for an Adrian candle offer.

The prior 3 offers above the gold are equally useless: +1 Craftsman / Double / Scholar. Too expensive, and too useless.

Especially with the 'Craftsman + Scholar = Success' offer.

- set two processes going, and you've just used up / wasted such an item. If you're doing a run, you can initiate and boost in sequence, without the expense of these offers. If you're setting 2 very long processes going ... like years worth ... nothing will matter for a year. If you need to get something done to qualify for an event, effect it by paying the gold cost - leaving your other process doing what they're doing.

Summary: They are awake, and the actions are deliberate and intentional.
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