Changing Level Banner Color? Does anyone know?

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4 May, 2019, 11:58 PM UTC

I've just joined a Order and relocated within  its protection area, I noticed that all the banners in my order are green and mine is blue!?  (The Banner above the Castle that displays Level ur on, Not the Order Shield.  This Banner above my Town/Castle, the developers of the game, put it in..( I think) .....Others have joined our Order and their Banners r Green in fact everyone in my Order has a green Banner except me.  PLEASE tell how to change the color from Blue to Green to reflect that I'm part of this particular Order, and not an enemy.  I haven't seen this difference in other Orders either. It seems more of technicial problem cause i cannot find anything on this topic anywhere in the game,, forums or other games FAQs you guys developed!??? I thank you for ur consideration and time to answer this ?

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Sincerely,  Barbara A. Keenan

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6 May, 2019, 7:11 PM UTC

Blue is you. So in a field of towns you see which is yours.

Green is Order Mates.

Red is enemy.

I forget if any others.

- except ... OvO enemy order towns glow for you. :)

The reverse is true: you show a green banner to your order mates.

Less to worry ... they know it's you. You cannot attack an order mate - the game won't let you. For things it might, it will warn you first.

Understandable concern, but not to worry.

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