Stupidity of developers

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2 March, 2019, 9:12 PM UTC
I'm sorry, are you people stupid? Has anyone anywhere bought just gold in this game? $100 for 40k gold? We can get over 200k gold and many goodies for $20. $100 for 10 million gold is reasonable. your gold prices are ridiculous. Now to "treasure chests" In what universe is 1500 food useful to anyone? Treasure chests should have "treasure". I'm American, been told all my life Russians are stupid, never believed it till I joined this game! I can only assume that none of your developers have ever actually played this game to level 30. Have no idea how much it lacks compared to Chinese games of the same ilk. I would suggest that next Kingdom you start, have a developer play it to level 30, then see how bad it is!
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