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17 February, 2019, 4:14 AM UTC
Are there any fast ways to shield and drop shield?  
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20 February, 2019, 4:03 PM UTC

'Some' people call sending troops and immediately shielding 'hyper-shielding'. Seems to give them an unwarranted feeling of superiority for being 'in the know'.

('Hyper-shielding' is from Vikings, AFAIK. Throne calls it inaccessibility, Vikings players, 'bubbles'.)

Really, it's just shielding really fast. (Or preemptively shielding.)

For dropping shield quickly ... well there isn't much need to. The act of attacking something will ask you if you want to drop shield - no special steps needed. You could attack something then cancel the march.

For raising shield, the phone users may have it easier than the browsers, or, those with touch screens, anyways.

Pressing 'B' brings you Boosts menu.

- If you're shielded, the top entry will show you so. [Assuming no favourites set, which are useless as implemented.]

- If you're not shielded, scroll as fast as you can to the bottom (phone users can do it in one really fast fling and let it go).

= (Entries are in alphabetical order), you want the last one, 'Town Defense' - click it.

= Top entry will be 8h with a 'Buy and apply button'. If you have to, click it. NOW! :)

=- If you have a few seconds, you can find a less expensive or longer duration shield, whatever you find suitable for your needs at that moment.

[You could also make one of these a favourite, then start with 'B', then Favorites, then hit the button.]

(I find favourites pointless - I want a favourite of shields, not 8h shields.)

Sadly, there is no keystroke or series of keystrokes for this. (Else people would be able to set a shortcut key.)

RSS bubbles (safe conducts) - different beastie and steps.

If you have no marches, an easy way to avoid an attack is to teleport over one square, saving a shield. [Or return and come back.]

(Wait until the attackers are almost on you. Your attacker will have to wait until his troops return before being able to move anywhere - and if you're lucky, still unshielded from launching the attack.)
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