How come there's almost no Turkeys on the map?

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22 November, 2018, 4:53 AM UTC

I play 2 different servers over on vikings and both of them are loaded with FREE turkey assailants/invaders on the map.  But the only Throne server I play there is almost none and my server is half dead if not 3/4th dead. I bet I scanned half the map if not more and spent over 2 hours searching and only found 12. My viking servers i can find that many in about 10 minuets. I even find clusters of them like between 2 and 6 of them on viking servers throne it's like 1 here and there and they are very far apart. This screen shot was taken on vikings k703. Throne is not worth taking a screen shot because i thik i killed the only 12 turkeys k58 had.
So why is there almost none on Throne servers?

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