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1 July, 2019, 3:03 PM UTC

Here you can share information about the game, learn the latest news, share your game-related content, communicate with other players and find answers to your questions.

Join Us: https://discord.gg/rdyfTBT

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2 July, 2019, 4:33 PM UTC

[09:39] Roger Montgomery:

[09:40] Roger Montgomery: Welcome to the official discord channel of Throne: Kingdom at War!

Here you can share information about the game, learn the latest news, share your game-related content, communicate with other players and find answers to your questions.

[09:40] Roger Montgomery:

[09:40] Roger Montgomery: #welcome-faq-rules - all information about this server

#news - official news and announcements of the game

#general-chat - discuss anything related to game

#order-search - here you can seek or find allies

#support-plarium - the game won't run? Found a bug or an error? Ask here

[09:41] Roger Montgomery:

[09:44] Roger Montgomery: Official Throne: Kingdom at War communities:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pg/ThroneKingdomAtWar

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/thronekingdomatwar/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/throne_plarium

VK: https://vk.com/thronekingdomatwar

Forum: https://plarium.com/forum/en/throne-kingdom-at-war

Official Website: https://plarium.com/

Download Links:

1) Google Play (for Android users) : https://plrm.me/ThrDisAnd

2) App Store (for iOS users) : https://plrm.me/ThrDisIos

[09:44] Roger Montgomery:

[09:45] Roger Montgomery: Attention!

When you register with the server, you automatically agree to the rules listed below. Ignorance of the server rules does not exempt a person from responsibility for violations.

Common rules

1. The main language of this server is English. We ask you to discuss everything in English on channels.

2. Stick to the given topic of the channel. Game discussion is on channel #general-chat, Order search is on #order-search, while means of solving your technical problems can be found on #support-plarium .

3. Posts that contain profanity or unacceptable comments will be removed. The list of examples of such comments below is not exhaustive. We reserve the right to assess each case individually.

Unacceptable comments are comments that:

[09:46] Roger Montgomery: - Are threatening.

- Include profanity, personal attacks, or bullying.

- Violate the dignity of other players, groups of people, or minorities (covertly or explicitly).

- Are of a racist nature or provoke ethnic or racial hatred.

- Include negative statements regarding religions or religious leaders.

- Contain references to any illegal activity, including software piracy and other intellectual property violations.

- Have no relevance to the topic of conversation.

- Contain explicit or implicit advertisements for other projects.

- Constitute the spamming or trolling of users or the project administration.

- Contain links to third-party resources.

- Contain information regarding the sale of resources, items, or services for real or virtual currency, or gaining a financial benefit or improving your position in the game by any means that do not relate to the game's features.

- Contain server users' personal data published without their consent.

- Contain links to malicious resources.

Moderation rules:

[09:46] Roger Montgomery: 1. The server administrators reserve the right, at their discretion, to delete and edit messages, comments, and images posted by users.

2. The server administrators are not responsible for failures and interruptions in the functionality of lines of communication, other disruptions, or problems with any device with which users access the Internet.

3. The server administrators are not responsible to users for the actions of other server members.

Violation of the rules of server usage

[09:47] Roger Montgomery: Any content that is contrary to the regulations given in this guide must be immediately deleted with an issued caution. If, after the caution, you continue violating the rules, the administrators have the right to block your access to the server for a period defined by the administration on an individual basis depending on the seriousness of the violation.

Only the administrators of the server can decide whether your content or acts are in violation of the rules of server usage.

In case of a violation, your access to the server will be blocked. The decision regarding blocking is taken by the server administrators and is not subject to appeal. The server administrators reserve the right to change and supplement the rules that already exist.

Any of the violations listed below can lead to an indefinite deprivation of the right to use the server.


[09:47] Roger Montgomery: 1. Arguing with the server administrators and discussing their actions; unhelpfully criticizing the company and game developers.

2. Criticizing and discussing rules applied on the server.

3. Using threats, abuse, obscenities (coarse language), or vulgar, indecent, or offensive speech against other users or the server administrators in communication channels.

4. Posting messages that contain incitement to racial, religious, ethnic hatred; facilitate or propagate criminal activity, violence, drugs, or weapons; contain advice, instructions or suggestions for the commission of criminal acts, including that of a fraudulent nature.

5. Disseminating pornographic materials, sexually explicit content, or images of obscene signs or gestures.

6. Disseminating game currency and accounts.

7. Using server administration members' profile pictures, names, or nicknames.

8. Using UPPER-CASE (with an active CapsLock button) or aLtErNaTe letters in texts.

9. Posting any kind of advertising content.

10. Publishing any kind of flaming, spamming, flooding, off tops (messages off topic), or duplicate posts.

Procedures for penalties:

[09:47] Roger Montgomery: 1. All messages containing violations should be deleted or edited.

2. The server administrators have the right, at their discretion, to adjudge the severity of the punishment in accordance with the rules of this guide.

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3 July, 2019, 11:01 AM UTC
Have what I think is unusual question,have two accounts on same email/code ,any way to seperate them?
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3 July, 2019, 1:53 PM UTC

Go into profile, change / confirm new email.

Mayhaps one will stay same and you can then go into it and may any adjustments you need to.

Since we log in by e-mail, this seems ... strange. Perhaps contact support.

Unless you are using different platforms - e.g. google play (I guess). Above still applies.
* If you found this post useful, please click 👍 below. ** You will probably get answers faster by using the KaW Discord server at https://discord.gg/rdyfTBT
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6 July, 2019, 1:31 PM UTC
Thanks will try.
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