Aliens of Storm-fall, Chapter 3

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20 February, 2017, 4:42 PM UTC

Aliens of Storm-fall, Chapter 3

Lady Shellvader arrives in the Spanish area in an attempted to destroy her nemesis the war elephant Dumbo. Along the way, she greets ten Spanish players in the Alien style of blowing everything up while searching for Dumbo among the ruins she creates.

Lady Shellvader: We visited ten castles and not a single one replies rude!!!

Mindtrix: Indeed my lady, these players are very rude

(That's because they are dead…but Aliens don’t stop to think that way!)

Lady Shellvader: Anyway, has there been any sight of the elephant?

Mindtrix: I am afraid not my lady

Lady Shellvader: How can such a huge thing manage to hide so well?

Mindtrix: I do not know, but I spot another castle by the name of Archangel. Shall we go and greet him?

Lady Shellvader: We must!! It’s a tradition to uphold the Alien way of greeting anyone and everything except Aliens of course because we tend to be rude against each other.

(That’s just there way to avoid blowing up each other)

Mindtrix: The cannons are ready my lady and await your command to greet the new player

Lady Shellvader: OPEN GREET!! (Instead of "OPEN FIRE")

(Just like that Archangel castle gets destroyed and falls among the falling ruins of Storm-fall)

Mindtrix: MY LADY!!!

Lady Shellvader: What? Did we actually get a greet back finally?

Mindtrix: No, it’s the war elephant!! We found him/it...He's on the run!

Lady Shellvader: So he was hiding in this castle, no wonder that player didn't greet us back

(That’s not exactly the reason but…umm…okay I guess)

Mindtrix: Shall I prepare the cannons and fire at the elephant?

Lady Shellvader: No, that’s only used for greeting, summon the dragons!

Mindtrix: Let me handle this one my lady, you sit back and enjoy a cup of tea!

Lady Shellvader: Very well you have my trust

(Mindtrix releases one Dragon which pursuits after the war elephant. After countless attacks, Dumbo manages to evade and slip away into the crumbled ruins within the Spanish lands)

Mindtrix: I do not understand!!! How can one elephant manage to evade a Dragon attack? Is this the so-called game bug? This does not make any sense!

Shellvader: That elephant got feed plenty of hormones. Who knows what other toxins the nexus has feed to make a such a bizarre pet.

Mindtrix: That does it!!! I am releasing all of our Dragons!

Shellvader: Calm down Mindtrix … let’s not get ahead of ourselves

Mindtrix: Release them all!!! I will not be shamed by a stupid over sized elephant!! I will shred it into tiny little pieces!!

Shellvader: Very well… that’s going to be loads of Dragons

(Thousands among thousands of Dragon soaring the skies, covering the sun, scorching fire at every direction, all for the sake of chasing one single animal, it wasn’t long before poor Dumbo gets completely surrounded and with only one strike remaining, it will be all over soon)

Mindtrix: At last, say your last prayers you damn pet!! For today, it will be your end!

Shellvader: Finally, our dreams and wishes shall finally be fulfilled!

Mindtrix: Burn that overgrown sized hormone fed animal into fat crispy meat!!

(As the Dragon was about to unleash its fire. It gets killed by a huge number of…)

Shellvader: What’s going?

Mindtrix: Griffins, but from whom… wait I see another floating castle nearby…

(With eyes full of rage and hate, Shellvader recognizes that castle anywhere)

Shellvader: NEXUS!!!!

Nexus: The Nexus and your Messiah has come to save you Dumbo!!

(Will Nexus be able to save Dumbo? Will Shellvader & Mindtrix wrath destroy them both? Find out in the next chapter for Aliens of Stormfall)

Author: Sorry for the delay and hopefully the wait wasn’t too long this time. Like always hope to see more likes or comments/suggestions too. Also, note if a particular chat room doesn’t post any likes or comments than will assume no one is reading so will discontinue adding it in that particular chat room. Sorry for that but I am adding the series now in many different chat rooms already. Also, if you want me to add the series in another chat room, feel free to pm or add me to that group. As always hope you enjoy the story.

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