Aliens of Storm-fall, Chapter 1

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20 February, 2017, 4:09 PM UTC

Aliens of Storm-fall , Chapter 

The great council of three where they discuss alliance matters and the well-being of their leagues, in order to prosper and grow in time of war and peace.

Lady Sif: Be silent you old fool, my family will be taking that beacon this time around!

Bronx: You ain't getting that beacon, it belongs to the blood prophecy family!

Lady Sif: Seriously now… you greedy old man, haven't you had enough beacons already!

Bronx: I must have more, I want more power, my precious…

Rage: I will be taking that beacon now, thank you very much.

Bronx: What? Hold on just a moment!

Lady Sif: Indeed my lord, you can't just..

Rage: Do I recall something about embezzlement and a secret weapon? *Ref: Stormfall: Fall of STFU Ch8*

Lady Sif: No my lord, you may humbly keep the beacon, keep it!!!

Bronx with a frustrated look on his face: Damn it, that statement won't let you win next time!

(Rage laughs with a boom boom of joy while drinking his herbal tea until they heard a strong blast outside)

Lady Sif: What was that?

Bronx: I don't know, let me check outside!

Rage: My beacon!!!! Who destroyed my newly acquired beacon?????

Bronx: Serves you right!

Lady Sif: This is no laughing matter, who attacked us?

Rage: Over there in the sky, what is that?

Bronx: A bird?

Lady Sif: A plane?

Rage: No, its… a floating castle, what the heck?

Bronx: Did plarium do another stupid update?

Lady Sif: Hold on, the flying castle is coming towards us, be ready for battle!!

(The castle approaches the council of three who are armed and ready for battle. However, the floating castle shows someone appearing with a mask on his face, hiding his identity)

Nexus: Me Nexus greet you earth creatures! Me the leader of the Alien Nation and your Alien Messiah!

Rage: Greetings? You just destroyed my treasured beacon!!!

Nexus: That is the Alien way to say “hi”

Lady Sif: Dear Alien, what brings you to Stormfall?

Nexus: Me Nexus and my people come from far away land to settle in a new one.

Bronx: What kind of a weapon did you use to destroy the beacon?

Nexus: How rude!! We didn't use weapon, we only said “hi” to the beacon!

Rage: You got to be getting me! You better compensate me for that!!

(Another blast, destroying another beacon and to his despair another beacon belonging to Rage gets destroyed)

Rage: WHY? WHY? *tears falling down from his eyes*

Lady Sif: Dear Alien, why did you blow up… I mean “greet us” again?

Nexus: Me Nexus did not say “hi” this time, it was my great nemesis

(Another floating castle approaches and strangely enough another alien comes out also with a mask covering her face, whats with these aliens and their masks...)

Shellvader: Greetings earthlings, I am the mighty, the most powerful, the most beautiful, I am Shellvader leader of the Alien Divas!!

Nexus: Lies!!! Me Nexus is the most of all those things that you mentioned...

Shellvader: Not you again nexus, be gone! My people will settle in these lands!

Bronx: Out of curiosity, what kind of weapons does your race have in particular?

Shellvader: We are a sophisticated race, we tend to adapt very well in our new environments, and capable to replicate your armies and weapons beyond your imagination.

Bronx: How on earth do you do that?

Nexus: The Nexus will explain! We use a special material known as blue gems to boost everything up

Shellvader: But to acquire the blue gems, will require a special magical coin which our Alien race have plenty of.

Nexus: You interrupt the Nexus!!!

Shellvader: Yeah whatever, you and your personality problems!

Rage: What about my beacons?

Lady Sif: My lord! Calm down! Lets discuss this privately a bit shall we?

(Back to their own domain while Nexus and Shellvader bicker at each other…)

Lady Sif: This is simply too much for us to handle!

Rage: My beacons!!

Bronx: Agree, their weapons are too dangerous

Rage: What do you mean weapons? They are just coiners, pure and simple!

Lady Sif: Enough, they want to occupy new territories, let's direct them to someone else in particular.

Bronx: Who do you have in mind?

Lady Sif: Here is whom.

(Back with the Aliens)

Shellvader: For the last time, I am not marrying you!

Nexus: The Nexus will never forgive you! The Nexus threatens you with Dumbo's Revenge!

Shellvader: Bring it on, you and your stupid elephant!

(Dumbo's Revenge: For those who do not know, nexus actually smashes players with a War elephants, one of his funniest moves in stormfall history)

Lady Sif: Hello, dear aliens

Shellvader: AHHH she said hi, we must blow another beacon!

Lady Sif: Wait hold on, you don't have to do that!!!

Rage: Yes, please don't….

Nexus: The Nexus is curious… you don't want us to be polite?

Lady Sif: I actually realize our current lands are too crowded for your people to occupy but I know of way to help you.

Shellvader: Tell us!

Lady Sif: In this direction, the lands belonging to the Russians are vast and wide, I am sure they won't mind your race settling in with them.

Shellvader: That is wonderful, do they speak English because it taken us many years to decipher your primitive language.

Lady Sif: Of course, they understand English (white lie) and you know what else they like the most?

Shellvader: Do tell!!

Lady Sif: They just love it when you say “hi” to them and I mean lots of “hi's” not just one!

Shellvader: That is wonderful, we will go there at once, thank you kind lady!

Nexus: The nexus thanks you!

(So the Aliens leave the council of three)

Rage: What about my compensation?

Bronx: Glad that’s over with.

Lady Sif: Indeed, they might have destroyed our alliance in one go.

Bronx: I wonder how the Russian will handle this?

Now you know the truth about the Aliens and why they tend to target mainly Russian Beacons and Castles, they are just trying to simply say “hi” for crying out loud. In time, the Aliens thought of other ways to greet their fellow Russians friends by making armies and sending towards their castle walls!

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