Stormfall: Fall of STFU Chapter 6

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25 January, 2017, 3:59 PM UTC

Stormfall: Fall of STFU

Chapter 6


LIW (Lady-in-waiting)

AOR (Altar of Maar)

B2W (Born 2 War )

DBS (Dragon Blood Society)

ULS (United Lord and Ladies) 

Plarium (Game Providers of Stormfall)

The story is pure fiction based on few historic events, enjoy!

LIW: I can't believe that i am holding 50,000 worth of your own waste in my hands. I feel disgusted just thinking about it

AOR: A waste in which you depend upon to make better troops

LIW: I am not touching your building ever again!

AOR: Thats what you say now, but in the end you will always comeback for more!

LIW: I can manage without you

AOR: Everytime you run your castle, you will always pay me a visit!!

LIW: Just go already

AOR: You know i am right! You will always return back to me!!!

[LIW presses the cancel button and leaves the altar]

With the raw materials she acquired, the final step of revival awaits!

LIW: Using the bones of your fallen member, i revive the B2W league from the grave. You have slept long enough! It is time for you to be part of Stormfall War!!! Awaken from your slumber!! No, seriously i meant it, please wake up! Hello?? Did it work? Crap how will i ever bring this up to Lady Sif? I know may be during her weekly spa, she will be a in good mood to break the news to her...

B2W: SHUT UP, you noise human! I would kill you without a second thought but you have risen me from the dead, hence, i will return the favor. What is it that you need from me?

LIW: Finally, you woke up i was beginning to worry....not that i was just pretending that i was. Ah wait never mind me, i am talking rubbish again. So, can you give us a hand with STFU? We've cornered the alliance down but they are still holding at least 10 beacons, we sure could use your help!

B2W: I would gladly destroy Red Knight and his cursed alliance!

[B2W picks out a dark object from his pocket and holds it up towards the sky. The clouds above begin to gather around him and multiple lightening strikes the dark object that's he is holding. LIW could not believe what she is seeing, the clouds are now forming large happy faces. She begins to wonder what is happening an asks....

LIW: What is that dark object? Is that a...

B2W: Platinum Card!

LIW: OMG!!! The lightening is damaging you! Stop!!!

B2W: I am born to war, this is nothing, my power is limitless!!!

LIW: You crazy fool, your inccurring too much outstanding debt!!

B2W: My power has no bonds!!

LIW: Please stop it! It is not worth all that debt!! Oh no those faces on the sky... No it can't be, but is it possible. Those are the face of plarium!! They are actually smiling!! For goodness sake, stop feeding them with so much money!!!

B2W: Alright, i am ready now lets go and burn some beacons. What do you say?

LIW: Don't you realize you ruined your life by accumulating so much debt, you know what? Nevermind, lets crush STFU already!

To be Continued

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