Stormfall: Fall of STFU Chapter 5

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25 January, 2017, 3:52 PM UTC

Stormfall: Fall of STFU

Chapter 5

[Story recap: Lady Sif requested Lady-in-waiting (LIW) to resurrect a former enemy she once killed]

[Now to continue were we left off….

In order to fulfill her request, lady-in-waiting traveled far and wide. Of course, she didn't have too but she did it anyway. After having spent hours of pointless searching around. She found what she was looking for within her own castle, the forgotten place she once knew exists the temple of Mara (aka Altar of Mara)]

LIW: Grab some dirty old bones might I add “she once carried” she said, resurrect a former enemy she said, and to top it all off she will owe me one she said. Lady Sif and her unreasonable requests are just too much, now what should I do next.

[Opens up a scroll and reads the instructions]

LIW: It just says to shout the name of Mara out loud till she responds, what a strange thing to do, but lets get this over with. Mara...Hello Mara… Mara!!!!!!! Is this really working? Mara! Mara!Mara!

Be quiet already I am not deaf you know!

LIW: Who is it? Show yourself!

It is I the greatest, the magnificent the Altar of Mara (AOR)!

LIW: Seriously? You actually exist?

AOR: Of course, it is I who new players try desperately to gain my favor through the scrolls and with it they earn my blessings.

LIW: Yeah right, I actually hated collecting scrolls for upgrades, anyway, listen do you know how to resurrect someone back from the dead?

AOR: You insolent fool, you dare speak to me that way I am the great Altar of Mar, thousands worship for my presence, I...

LIW: Okay I get it but can you do what I asked?

AOR: Perhaps but it will require Maranian Amulets

LIW: Perfect, how much do I need?

AOR: Around 50,000 or so..

LIW: What? Your kidding right? What will it take?

AOR: It will require constant supply of gold and iron in order for me to craft that many Maranian Amulets

LIW: I can do that but how long do you need?

AOR: At the very least few months

LIW: What? Few months? No way! Can't you do it faster?

AOR: I am the great Mara! I have thousands who need my special resource

LIW: What does it take to speed up the process?

AOR: It is sophisticated, a mere mortal such as yourself cannot possibly comprehend the magnitude of my greatness!

LIW: Try Me!

AOR: Fine, I will explain in a way even a mere mortal like you would understand. I consume the gold and iron to produce the valuable resource that you seek

LIW: Come again? How does the process work?

AOR: I consume the resource that I get to produce Maranian Amulets!

LIW: No, I didn't get you, how do you produce?

AOR: It is like digestion, you know, it takes time to digest your food and go to the toilet

LIW: What? Are you saying players were offering you food in order to get what comes out?

AOR: Technically, you are right

LIW: ew ew I am not touching your building ever again!

AOR: Without my Maranian Amulets, you will not be able to resurrect anyone!

LIW: Your method takes time, our alliance is at war with red knight, we don't have time to spend few months

AOR: Hold on!!! Did you say Red Knight?

LIW: Yeah, what about him?

AOR: Red Knight, that cursed creature, he kept offering me only iron, never did he offer any gold. Just thinking about it makes me mad!! You know what, get me some of them precious blue gems and I will instantly give you Maranian Amulets.

LIW: Seriously? How much do you need?

AOR: 5000

LIW: That's a lot….let me contact the others, they will help me gather the gems you need

[Contacts Sif in line chat]

LIW: Hello

Lady Sif: Hi, did you finish my request?

LIW: Not exactly, you see I need at least 5000 blue gems, whats that noise? Is everything alright?

Lady Sif: Not to worry, it's just showtime upset about losing two hundred million offense power in his last attack on beacon, I am guessing he will quit being ULS leader anytime soon, Lyon trying desperately to cheer him up

LIW: Alright, but i still need the blue gems to finish your task

Lady Sif: Give me few minutes, hey everyone, may I have your attention!

Bronx: First you disappear and now you want our attention, what is it with you?

Rage: Yes, my lady, how may I be of service?

Lyon: Sorry about showtime, he locked himself inside his room and isn't speaking to anyone at the moment.

Lady Sif: Listen everyone, I need to collect 5000 blue gems, can you transfer it to lady-in-waiting? Anything that you can spare

Bronx: Gems don't grow on trees you know, here is some

Rage, Lyon: Here is some from us as well

Lady Sif: Thank you everyone, hello, LIW did you get the gems?

LIW: Yes I did, thank you, I will finish up

Lady Sif: I am counting on you!

[Closes line chat]

LIW: Alright, I have your blue gems, but how will it help you to speed up the digestion?

AOR: Blue gems have the properties of catalyst, it help me to produce faster

LIW: Come again?

AOR: They give me diarrhea

LIW: That is disgusting, just get this over with already!

To be Continued

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