Stormfall: Fall of STFU Chapter 3

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23 January, 2017, 5:47 PM UTC

Stormfall: Fall of STFU

 [The story is a work of fiction. All characters are nicknames that came from real life players and general idea’s came from playing the game Stormfall and special request….

Hood: Hold on!! How is this fiction? (Special Request: Hood from BIA League)

Author: What?

Hood: All characters are real players and the game actually exists.

Author: Hmm… you make a fair point.. just one moment, let me make a quick phone call.

Hood: Sure

Author: Alright, I am done

Hood: Well that was quick. Now, how could you deceive your readers? Telling them this is fiction when it is not!

Author: Deceiving is such a misleading word, such thoughts are deemed to be dark and dangerous. It may one day lead to a bad decision like for example, terrorism acts!!!

Hood: What the heck? How can that lead to terrorism acts?

Author: I am afraid you are beyond hope that phone call was meant for..*knock on the door*..ah here they come.

(Authorities arrive at the scene and the author points at Hood and says…)

Author: This reader has some terrorism tendency!! Please save me!!

Authorities: Do not worry dear citizen, we will handle it from here.

Hood: You will never get away with this, the Stormfall fans will come around, they will find out the truth.

Author: Yeah whatever, take him away.

Author: That took awhile, now, back to…. Ah screw it no time to explain …special request…die or get humiliated!!!]

Chapter 3

The leaders of the three clans gather at a tavern in coordinates 51,-51 (take a hint area 51) to discuss the formation of their new alliance.

Lady Sif: Dear Adiriya, I will have some beer.

Bronx: Me too

Adiriya: Sure thing! What about you mister?

Rage: (Looking at the menu cautiously)…I will have some herbal tea

Both Sif and Bronx both gaze at Rage strangely

Rage: What??? It smoothes my rage.

Adiriya: No problem, I will have your herbal tea in no time…(Heads to the kitchen tavern)

Bronx: What a lovely lady...does she have a boyfriend by any chance?

Lady Sif: Don’t you dare, the poor girl has been through a lot…

(Adiriya returns with their order)

Adiriya: Is something wrong?

Lady Sif: Ah nothing my dear, by the way I love your dress

Adiriya: Oh why thank you very much.

Bronx: Pfff…silly girl talk

Lady Sif: I am sorry, are you unpleased with something Bronx? (Grabs her sword and ready to strike)

Adiriya: Indeed. What’s wrong with the way we talk? (Looks angrily at Bronx)

(Bronx eyes left and right, sweating like a pig. Is he going to die here? Seriously?)

Rage: Excuse me

(Adiriya still with her angry look. Now it’s towards Rage who asks politely)

Rage: Ca..Ca..Can I have a refill with a sweetener? Pretty please

(Adiriya calms down and so does Sif while Bronx *sigh* with relief. Bless you Rage. I should never mess with silly girl talk)

Bronx: Alright, back to forming an alliance. I believe we three clans on their own lack sufficient strength to handle threats against STFU alliance, so we need some power behind us.

Lady Sif: What do you suggest?

Rage: I know, lets form a pack with ZRA!

Both Lady Sif & Bronx says: NOOOO!!!!!!!!!!

Rage: Why not?

Lady Sif: Everyone in my family hates the ZRA. They are cruel and selfish!

Rage: But we still need a force to back-up our alliance.

Bronx: Exactly, I have just the right people for the job! Gentlemen you may enter

(Tavern door opens up and two guys enter inside)

First guy: Hi everyone..(trips on the floor and automatically falls asleep)

Second guy: Are you kidding me? Now is not the time to fall asleep!! WAKE UP!!!

Rage: Who is that dimwit on the floor?

Bronx: I am afraid that dimwit is Showtime the leader of the ULS alliance and his right hand man Lyon who is trying to wake him up.


Showtime: *yawns* What? Did I miss something?

Lady Sif: Are you sure about this Bronx? They don’t look reliable.

Bronx: Not to worry, they look clumsy and unreliable, but I guarantee they are masters in strategy of warfare. Plus their alliance is pretty damn strong!

Meanwhile, back at STF castle that is being protected by the masters of the long range spear, who defend the Red Knight from any harm. They are the Pikeman. However….

Pikeman: My lord!!!

Red Knight: What is it now? (Busy counting his gold)

Pikeman: An assassin has managed to enter the castle.

Red Knight: What? How many?

Pikeman: Just one…

Red Knight: Than kill it!

Pikeman: We are trying but we are not exactly good at defending….(Pikeman=Offense)

Red Knight: For goodness sakes! Handle it!

Back at the tavern, as Bronx opens up his spy report..

Bronx: This does not make any sense.

Lady Sif: What’s wrong Bronx?

Bronx: My spy report says that half of STF castle is under fire along with 50 Pikeman dead. And we almost managed to kill the Red Knight himself all with just one Assassin. OMG wish I had sent extra assassins!

Lady Sif: Are you kidding me? We could have ended STFU alliance but I do not understand. Why were only Pikeman defending? They are offense, how can they handle defense?

Showtime: I can explain that just give me a moment…

Lyon: For goodness sakes, drop that Ipad and answer her ladyship!

Showtime: Fine! May I ask one question Lady Sif?

Lady Sif: Go ahead

Showtime: Does Red Knight love gold?

Lady Sif: Are you kidding? He loves it.

Showtime: that’s your answer, Pikeman are the least gold costing unit in the game that’s why they are defending his castle.

Bronx: That cheap bastard and his lust for gold. We could have killed him. Shall we send more assassins?

Showtime: Unfortunately, he must have reinforced his castle by now. You guys really messed up big time!

Lady Sif: How could this happen? You had to send only one assassin? You could have at least sent 5 minimum!

Adiriya: Indeed, now look who’s the silly one here

Bronx: Shut up! You got no say in our discussion!

Lyon: Everybody calm down.



Showtime: I am trying to blend into the conversation.

(Everyone is fighting and shouting until…)

Rage: Excuse me. Ca..Ca..Can I have a refill with extra sweetener? Pretty please!

To be Continued

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