Stormfall: Fall of STFU Chapter 2

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23 January, 2017, 5:47 PM UTC

Stormfall: Fall of STFU

 [All character personality and story are fictional. Special requests from players who want to be included in the story are accepted but be warned. You either face death or total humiliation. You have been warned and the author gets to pick, not you! Few exceptions may occur in between.]

Chapter 2

We gather at Red Knight’s castle who meets up with his favorite general….

Drake (aka KingofDrakes): You’ve summoned me your grace.

Red Knight: Indeed, I have general. Tell me what am I filling my wine cup with?

Drake: Pardon me, but you are filling your cup with gold coins!!!

Red Knight: Correct! Do you know why Drake? Because I can. My throne room full of chests with pure gold coins all come from spoils of war. I didn’t even have to lift a finger. Just with one command alone, I order my allies to invade all of my enemies. Now, I am the richest and most powerful lord in all of Stormfall with castles all over the world and beacons covering massive territories. What more do I need?

[Special guests (Airidya, -M- League)]

Airidya: Special delivery to Mr. Red.

Red Knight: A delivery, what is it?

Airidya: A chest brought to by -Merciless Delivery Services-. A gift from your wife, Mr. Red.

Red Knight: Ah I am quite delighted indeed, open the box let me see what’s inside….Hold on… Why is this box empty? Where is the gold coins? At least put some silver coins in it. You dare bring me an empty chest!!! Guards!!! Seize that women and put her in jail!!!

Airidya: Wait!! What? No, please spare me!!!!!!

Red Knight: By tomorrow, I want her beheaded, do you expect me to waste money on food to feed a prisoner. That costs gold!!!

As the guards drag poor Airidya away, Lady Sif notices her but still makes her way towards Red Knight.

Red Knight: Lady Sif, have your troops ready for war.

Lady Sif: My lord, what war? We’ve crushed almost every enemy we could possibly fight.

Red Knight: Lady Sif, see this empty chest… Do you see now what I must do?

(Lady Sif looks confused)

Red Knight: I must fill it up with gold coins. It is my destiny to be best in all of Stormfall.

Lady Sif: But war against whom? My lord

Red Knight: We will capture beacon 841..

(Author: Ironically, it was the actually beacon that SSX Family captured back from B2W)

Lady Sif: But that beacon belongs to B2W, my lord we can’t possibly go to war against them. Our losses will be catastrophic!

Red Knight: Lady Sif, are you trying to defy my command. Who gave your people sanctuary when they needed it the most? Who saved you from your impending doom?

Lady Sif: But my lord, please reconsider, millions of lives are at stake….

Red Knight: No buts!!! My empty chest is begging me to fill it up, I must answer it’s call!! Now prepare for war!

Lady Sif: …..As you….command, my lord.

[As Lady Sif leaves the room…]

Drake: I will prepare my troops for war as well my lord.

Red Knight: AH I forgot that you here with us Drake, and don’ bother. We will let Lady Sif handle this on her own, just like we always do.

Drake: Yes, my lord.

[Days later, the invasion force of Lady Sif marches towards the Beacon, and faces the enemy head on. The only thing we know about B2W, is that they are a group of coiners…. (oops)…lets rephrase this. They are a group of undead, who never sleep and rise up again when they fall, hence, they are feared by all. However, one should never underestimate the Simple Society Family as they break through the Beacon defense, crushing their foes with all might and fury. The fight between Lady Sif and B2W leaders Bouh 666 finally begins] (Author: Honestly, he seemed like the easiest nickname to pick from that league*smiles*)

(Lady Sif with her sword gripped tight by her hands, she faces her foe with no fear and manages to land a critical strike. But her opponent had few words to say before he passes away…

Bouh 666: *cough* Do you think this is over? *cough* I am undead!! I will return, be prepared *cough*….(RIP for now)

Lady Sif: Lady-of-the-waiting, how are the troops?

Lady-In-Waiting: For the thousandth time, its “in” waiting not “of the” waiting……. Anyway, we’ve suffered heavy losses my lady while Red Knights troops have just arrived only to steal the spoils of war for themselves.

(Deep thoughts carried within her mind, Lady Sif sees her people in pain and suffering… she can no longer bear this agony and sorrow)

Lady Sif: Lady-In-Waiting, send a message to Rage

Lady-In-Waiting: For the last time, it’s not “in” no wait you actually said it right…I mean what message my lady?

Lady Sif: Tell him, we accept.

To be Continued

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