Oktoberfest Event!

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14 September, 2017, 11:57 AM UTC

Oktoberfest Event

Are you ready to reap the Rewards this Oktoberfest?

Lords and Ladies,

Huge events are coming this Oktoberfest. Make sure you stay focused to make the most of this excellent occasion.

Coming up:

- Extended Oktoberfest XP Tournament. For almost 10 days, you must complete in-game tasks that earn you XP (excluding Divine Quests). It will be a monumental effort - but the Rewards are worth the grind.

- Oktoberfest Solo PvP Tournament. Destroy your enemies and win massive Rewards.

- Oktoberfest Solo Battleground Championship. The pressure is on in this time-limited, five Heat event. The more Heats you participate in, the greater your chances of winning huge Rewards. You can take part in up to three Heats at a time to better your chances.

To top it all off, you will receive a free Oktoberfest Gift - make sure you sign in to claim it.

Keep an eye on the Bank for the Oktoberfest Pack - it is full to the brim with useful Items that will give you the edge over your rivals.


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