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Battle for Beacons alongside your League members and earn even more rewards!

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13 July, 2015, 11:13 AM UTC

The Hybrid Beacon PvP Tournament is a unique type of Tournament for all fully fledged League Members, where individual strength is important, but teamwork is paramount.

Hybrid Beacon PvP Tournaments work as follows:

Defeat as many Units belonging to other Lords and Ladies as you can while defending your League's Beacon or capturing a new one to earn Tournament Points. Once the Tournament is complete, each participant shall receive a reward based on their individual contribution – but that’s not all!

Members of each League may work together to increase their rewards! As each League Member collects Tournament Points, their points are contributed to their League’s total. When the League reaches certain milestones, everyone’s individual rewards will be multiplied!

You can monitor the number of points collected by the Lords and Ladies of your League by viewing the “League Points” tab of the Tournament window. The more Tournament Points collected by your fellow League members, the greater the multiplier and, accordingly, your reward!

Go forth, my Lords and Ladies! Rewards and glory await you!

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