Red Hot Tournaments Are Coming To Stormfall!

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3 July, 2017, 3:57 PM UTC

July Heatwave Events

Red Hot Tournaments Are Coming To Stormfall

My Lord or Lady,

The Heatwave is coming soon. Throughout July, you can rule Darkshine by taking advantage of the hottest summer Events.

Coming soon:

- Heatwave Development Tournament. Develop your Castle to earn Tournament Points and win impressive Rewards.

- Heatwave Solo XP Tournament. Gather as much XP as you can to claim the biggest Rewards. If you have a 50% Battle XP Booster in your Inventory, this Tournament would be a perfect time to activate it.

- Heatwave Solo Battleground Tournament. Remember to use your Offense and Defense Enhancers to gain Points and climb the Leaderboard.

We have also prepared some spectacular Special Offers to help you succeed. These include:

- July Development Pack. Improve your Castle with this wonderful Special Offer.

- Heatwave Power Pack. Burn up the competition with fearsome Units.

The Heat is On in Stormfall. Can you keep your cool in the Heatwave?

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